ICARUS Week Three Content Update Adds Two New Missions, More Bug Fixes

Despite it being Christmas Eve over in New Zealand, the devs at RocketWerkz have managed to squeeze out one more content update for ICARUS before the holiday begins tomorrow. This is the third weekly content update post-release — and the smallest one so far — but still adds a couple of new missions and fixes some bugs.

One of the added missions is one of the new types, Stockpile. To complete AGRICULTURE, you’ll need to collect food via farming and hunting to supply the Sinotai faction’s new orbital station. The other prospect added in the latest update, CLUSTERED, is an extended survey mission that promises dangerous weather and a trip to the Riverlands.

The bug fixes include a welcome fix to Exotics not spawning correctly, as well as numerous other minor issues; you can read the full patch notes below.

ICARUS Patch Notes – Version:

  • Fixed issue with Extractor only mining a single ore on reload.
  • Fixed Electric Furnace attempting to turn itself back on when reconnected to a power network.
  • Fixed some instances of issue with Exotics deposits not spawning on all prospects.
  • Fixed issue where players could get stuck with the overburdened modifier when leaving the game and reloading.
  • Fixed issue with Electric Composter not turning itself back on when it receives power.
  • Added localization support for prospect names.
  • Fixed issue with several quest descriptions and objective text.
  • Fixed “Fireproof Sealant” talent, was actually making things more flammable.
  • Fixed issue with cargo ships sometimes being invisible on resuming stockpile missions.
  • Fixed issue where Vegetable Pies were not spoiling correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Pickled Carrots were not returning a jar when consumed.

Planning on sneaking away from Christmas dinner to go prospecting on Icarus? Decorating your shelter in celebration? Let us know in the comments, and happy holidays!

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