ICARUS Hotfix Improves Gold Spawns (For Real This Time), Fixes Bugs

Prospectors should finally be able to complete missions requiring Tier 4 without entering every cave on the map, thanks to the latest ICARUS hotfix. The week one content update was supposed to improve gold spawns in caves, but anyone who tried to craft the 100+ Electronics required for the PAYDAY mission in the last few days knows that caves remained bereft of the shiny stuff even after the December 10th update; today’s hotfix will likely save players hours of time searching for gold. Version also includes a number of bug fixes, improvements to the Workshop campfire, and a handful of QoL updates.

One notable change is to the MXC Campfire, which can be researched and crafted in the Orbital Workshop. This campfire will now stay lit even in the rain, giving players another reason to bring it with them on missions. The hilarious (until it happened to you) bug that caused players to land dead on Icarus has been fixed, and a decent number of other issues have also been dealt with in today’s hotfix. Check out the full patch notes below!

Hotfix Version Patch Notes

If you are experiencing crashes on load, use the “verify game” option that Steam provides. Updates to your game are provided by your steam client. Please provide logs to Steam Support if you experience this.

Not mentioned in the notes below are several pieces of work happening in the background to address errors 019 and 020. These errors are preventing some players from resuming prospects on affected characters. We will be re-enabling the debug ‘Remove Character from Prospects’ button until we have a more permanent fix in place. This has to be enabled on our database, so the work is timed to coincide with our database maintenance later in the week. Thank you to all those providing information to our dev team to help our attempts to solve this complex issue.

  • Improved Players will now more reliably be informed of mission completion upon returning to the HAB.
  • Added ability to change cosmetic character creation options whenever in the HAB.
  • Changed MXC Campfire to no longer be extinguished by rain.
  • Applied further optimizations to the scene to improve performance.
  • Improved performance of creature fur.
  • Improved some dependencies between parts of the game to improve (reduce) memory usage.
  • Removed some prototype feature work to improve (reduce) memory usage.
  • Fixed issue with cave ore regions that meant gold balance changes from last update were not correctly applied.
  • Fixed talents “Fresh is Best”, “Silent Blade” and “Green Thumb” which were not working as intended.
  • Fixed issue with “Like it With the Lights Off” and “Night Owl” talents where they were not working correctly based on time-of-day.
  • Fixed issue where it could snow inside buildings, leading to snow buildup.
  • Fixed issue where items could be duplicated in a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed issue where some UI elements could remain visible, even after the items they were relating to were destroyed.
  • Fixed some instances of issue causing players to arrive dead on the planet, or to have portions of their dropship missing.
  • Fixed issue where supporters-edition locked outpost maps were available to everyone.
  • Fixed issue where the additional arrows granted by “Twice The Fun” were possible to pick-up.
  • Fixed issue where clients in a multiplayer game were sometimes left unable to harvest or otherwise interact with objects in the world.
  • Fixed some issues with killcam not working as intended.
  • Fixed issue where the Sprain modifier was causing errors and/or not working correctly.
  • Fixed Suture Kit not having the correct icon.
  • Fixed issue with Suture Kit not being displayed correctly in-world.
  • Fixed issue with Deep Vein: Extraction where some players would not be able to complete the final step.
  • Fixed building pieces improved by talents will now retain their improved status once reloaded, or once deconstructed.
  • Fixed issue where shifting resources to your dropship using the ctrl + click shortcut would not complete the objective.
  • Fixed issue after recent backend work where some characters lost their cosmetic customization options.
  • Fixed issue with printed (MXC) arrows which would often prevent them from colliding with obstacles.
  • Fixed issue preventing players from using Comet Coal once on the planet. Players can purchase the Comet Coal Set, which will need to be separated using the right-click menu before it can be used as a fuel source.
  • Fixed issue where Flint Arrows were a valid ammo type for the Hunting Rifle.
  • Fixed issue with the Radar display not properly displaying % completed when loading back into a mission in progress.

As always, if you encounter an issue see if it already exists on icarus.featureupvote.com and upvote it or post a new one.

Did you also spend multiple hours hunting in vain for gold deposits this weekend? Has today’s patch fixed any issues for you (or created new ones)? Let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

honestly I just gabe up and used a trainer for payday. whats up with bugs that break the game rocket? still feels like beta sometimes

Reply to  pupurban
1 year ago

like seriously we could use all three outposts all this time and now we cant and its kind of jack honestly