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Date: December 17, 2021

The latest major update for ICARUS arrived today, bringing with it three new missions, hardcore mission variants, and improvements to the Prospect Selection screen. The Week Two Content Update also adds new graphical settings options that allow players further flexibility in choosing detail versus performance, and also includes a fix for flickering shadows that doesn’t involve turning off DLSS.

The three new missions are all different types, and include a Survey, Bio-Research, and Stockpile mission. All three missions are for Sinotai , so prospectors who embark on them will likely glean a bit more lore as they complete missions for the faction. In addition to these new missions, there are also now hardcore variants of some missions; completing these more challenging prospects will provide extra rewards.

The “Remove from Prospects” button has been reenabled, which should help prevent having to leave characters stuck on-planet. There are also some QoL improvements, and a handful of other bugs and issues have been fixed — check out the full patch notes below.

Patch Notes Version:

  • Added hardcore variants of several missions, with extra stats for both rewards and difficulty.
  • Added extra information to prospect detail display, including the modifiers applied to that specific prospect (extra XP, extra difficulty etc).
  • Added LOD Bias setting to allow more control over model detail vs performance, a lower value means higher detail but lower performance.
  • Added Shadow Filter setting to allow users better control over shadow visuals, the default PCSS value should be used when using DLSS/FSR, however, if you wish to alleviate some grainy visuals from shadows, PCF may be a good option
  • Added new bait functionality to some extermination missions.
  • Adding a short delay to the grace period resolution when a player exits their dropship state to make sure no falling damage is applied on the frame that it occurs
  • Improved visuals of prospect select screen, added variation to highlight special (exotic) drops.
  • Improved Mission Select UI to better reflect the new prospect difficulty changes
  • Increased wolf spawns on harder difficulties on Alpha Wolf Mission. Made the transmitter reset when destroyed on a hard survey mission.
  • Rebalanced drop timers and difficulties for several prospects.
  • Fixed several instances of bugs causing players to arrive injured or dead onto a prospect.
  • Fixed issue with mission markers disappearing on the Riverlands Research Mission.
  • Fixed issue with respawn drop pod not applying a safety grace period when activated.
  • Fixed split mail notification layout issues. Right panel should collapse if there are no items or rewards.
  • Fixed issue where extractor could block some of the camera view in first person.
  • Fixed issue where respawn pods could be interacted with.

Excited for the new challenge hardcore missions offer? Has your performance improved with the recent updates? Let us know in the comments!

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