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Date: December 7, 2021

ICARUS has had something of a rocky launch, with the servers going down on Day 1, and a myriad of bugs both minor and game-breaking showing up for many users. Fortunately, developer RocketWerkz has been working diligently, releasing multiple hotfixes over the last few days.

The latest hotfix is noteworthy in that it includes a serious increase to the player level cap, from 60 to 99. Whether or not these new levels will grant more Talent points remains to be seen, however. Other changes players will be pleased about include fixes to the Desert Exploration mission, performance improvements for high FOV settings, and a bugfix to the Ghillie Armor (a stealth-focused armor set that was actually making players more visible). You can read the full patch notes below.

Hotfix Patch Notes

  • Significantly optimized rendering of distant terrain, allowing the effect of increased performance from higher FOV settings to be applied generally.
  • Updated instances of envirosuit variants having an incorrect physics material set.
  • Improved functionality of electronic wire placement around structures.
  • Improved ability to place electrical wires on the Desert Exploration mission.
  • Improved collision on the Riverlands Expedition path blocker.
  • Updated character level limit to 99.
  • Updated translated game text for multiple languages.
  • Increased detection area for ‘Make your way over the Rock’ in the Riverlands Expedition as it was not always possible to trigger the next quest step.
  • Fixed issue where after being revived by another player, you could lose items stored in slots provided by backpack and module slots.
  • Fixed issue where players could unlock the extractor blueprint outside of extraction missions.
  • Fixed issue where Antibiotic Medicines did not always remove Food Poisoning.
  • Fixed issue where Antiparasitic Medicines did not always remove Dysentry.
  • Fixed issue where dead players could have duplicate envirosuits.
  • Fixed issue displaying tooltip information for items granted by talents.
  • Fixed issue preventing some players from completing the Arctic Expedition Faction Mission.
  • Fixed issue where Cave Distance Travelled accolade was being awarded incorrectly.
  • Fixed Workshop Shengong Knife that pointed to incorrect variant.
  • Fixed issue where Avalanche: Expedition mission could not be completed at the powering the laser step.
  • Fixed issue with Creamed Corn providing a +75% Max Stamina instead of +75 Max Stamina.
  • Fixed issue where several talents had identical names.
  • Fixed issue with the Deployable Engineering talent providing a slower crafting speed rather than a faster one.
  • Fixed description on Well Laid Fire talent which was poorly describing the fuel usage of campfires.
  • Fixed issue with stats on the Ghillie suit pieces which made players more attractive to animals instead of less visible.
  • Fixed issue with text on the backpack description.
  • Fixed issue where the XP reward message on killing a Buffalo incorrectly called it a Cougar.
  • Added some missing mission dialogue to several missions.
  • Fixed issue with Arctic: Expedition mission where after clearing the obstacle, moving beyond it wouldn’t progress the mission.
  • Reduced extractor fuel usage. It now requires 3 biofuel cans to mine 100 exotics.
  • Fixed issue where extractor generator/effects would continue even once the deposit was exhausted.
  • Fixed issue where the extractor would continue to try start, even if no fuel was available.
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