icarus survival sandbox review

ICARUS Review — Mission-Driven Sandbox Survival

ICARUS, an ambitious new survival sandbox title from RocketWerkz and its game-runner Dean Hall (of DayZ fame) was released last December after 2 years of development and a marathon of 8 Beta Testing weekends, spread over 4 months. After that…

icarus flatline research mission walkthrough armored bloodclaw spear thrust

FLATLINE: Research Mission Walkthrough — ICARUS

The Styx mission FLATLINE is a unique combination of the recovery elements of FORSAKEN and the hunting tasks in AGRICULTURE: Supply Stockpile. The twist is that the stockpile task has a short timer that constantly resets. It only stops when…

icarus vertigo expedition mission walkthrough second cave wall prototype laser overheating

VERTIGO: Expedition Mission Walkthrough — ICARUS

As you might expect, VERTIGO has some climbing, but it is nothing like the WATERFALL expedition. VERTIGO begins with radar scans like the OMPHALOS expedition, and it continues with a Recovery task like FIELD TEST. However, VERTIGO packs a uniquely…

icarus nightfall survey mission walkthrough forest base scanner

NIGHTFALL: Survey Mission Walkthrough – ICARUS

This mission unlocks the Olympus Outpost, which allows you to establish outposts anywhere on the 64 sq. km. Olympus map. NIGHTFALL: Survey is also the culmination of your survival, crafting, and building experiences, as it combines Recovery, Delivery, Construction, and…

icarus mining featured image

Mining – ICARUS

To create tools that are more complicated than a stone axe or a mortar and pestle, you’ll need to do some mining. Here’s what you’ll need to create usable metals: Other things to keep in mind: Deep Mining There are…