icarus survival sandbox review

ICARUS Review — Mission-Driven Sandbox Survival

ICARUS, an ambitious new survival sandbox title from RocketWerkz and its game-runner Dean Hall (of DayZ fame) was released last December after 2 years of development and a marathon of 8 Beta Testing weekends, spread over 4 months. After that…

icarus how to fight bees and get honeycomb spear stabbing bee swarm

How to Fight Bees & Get Honeycomb – ICARUS

Beehives and bee farming is a system introduced to ICARUS for all maps and DLCs, from Olympus thru Prometheus (so far). This guide will show you how to fight bees and get honeycomb without taking any damage, and how to…

icarus flatline research mission walkthrough armored bloodclaw spear thrust

FLATLINE: Research Mission Walkthrough — ICARUS

The Styx mission FLATLINE is a unique combination of the recovery elements of FORSAKEN and the hunting tasks in AGRICULTURE: Supply Stockpile. The twist is that the stockpile task has a short timer that constantly resets. It only stops when…

icarus vertigo expedition mission walkthrough second cave wall prototype laser overheating

VERTIGO: Expedition Mission Walkthrough — ICARUS

As you might expect, VERTIGO has some climbing, but it is nothing like the WATERFALL expedition. VERTIGO begins with radar scans like the OMPHALOS expedition, and it continues with a Recovery task like FIELD TEST. However, VERTIGO packs a uniquely…

icarus nightfall survey mission walkthrough forest base scanner

NIGHTFALL: Survey Mission Walkthrough – ICARUS

This mission unlocks the Olympus Outpost, which allows you to establish outposts anywhere on the 64 sq. km. Olympus map. NIGHTFALL: Survey is also the culmination of your survival, crafting, and building experiences, as it combines Recovery, Delivery, Construction, and…