icarus survival sandbox review

ICARUS Review — Mission-Driven Sandbox Survival

ICARUS, an ambitious new survival sandbox title from RocketWerkz and its game-runner Dean Hall (of DayZ fame) was released last December after 2 years of development and a marathon of 8 Beta Testing weekends, spread over 4 months. After that…

influx mission walkthrough featured image icarus

INFLUX: Construction Mission Walkthrough – ICARUS

In the INFLUX mission, you’ll be preparing a small barracks in the Arctic for the Uniao faction. In this guide, we’ll go over all the required elements, and then give some specific advice on completing the mission. Prospect Details Difficulty:…

beachhead recon mission walkthrough - icarus

BEACHHEAD: Recon Mission Walkthrough – ICARUS

BEACHHEAD is ICARUS’s tutorial mission, designed to walk you through the basic survival skills before letting you take on further missions. This guide will give you a quick and basic step-by-step walkthrough of this tutorial. (As of December 2021, there…

electricity icarus guide featured image

Electricity – ICARUS

Many Tier 4 objects and equipment in ICARUS require power in order to function. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t do a very good job of explaining how to power objects. With that in mind, we’ve created this guide on how electricity…