icarus survival sandbox review

ICARUS Review — Mission-Driven Sandbox Survival

ICARUS, an ambitious new survival sandbox title from RocketWerkz and its game-runner Dean Hall (of DayZ fame) was released last December after 2 years of development and a marathon of 8 Beta Testing weekends, spread over 4 months. After that…

surviving bears in icarus

Surviving Bears in ICARUS

ICARUS bears are fast, they are quiet, and it takes them at most three hits to kill you (even if you have meat, berries, fish, and a speed boost in your arsenal). Wolves will growl to warn you to back…

beginner's guide to icarus

Beginner’s Guide to ICARUS

Pleasure to finally meet you, prospector. Perhaps you have stumbled upon this manual after experiencing some… unexpected troubles during your first weeks on Icarus. Or, maybe you are erring on the side of caution, wisely studying ahead of the dangerous…