Icarus Beta Weekend #3: Size of New Arctic Biome Revealed

In a recent tweet, RocketWerkz CEO Dean Hall showed off a map that includes the Arctic biome, which will be accessible during Icarus’s upcoming Beta Weekend #3.

It looks to be nearly the same total area as the Forest Biome; given the harsher weather and presumably more dangerous wildlife, it seems safe to say that the two-day Beta Weekend won’t be nearly enough time to see all that Icarus’ Arctic has to offer. In addition to the new playable area, this iteration of the beta also promises better stability and performance.

The game’s third beta weekend will be this Saturday and Sunday, September 25th and 26th. If you’re interested in participating in the beta weekend, you can do so by pre-ordering the game on Steam. Here at EIP, we’re definitely hoping they’ll start this beta weekend early (or let it run long), as they did for the previous beta weekend.

Ready for your next mission? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to seeing or trying in the comments below!

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2 years ago

What I’m MOST looking forward to is something blatantly OBVIOUSLY in NEED of a fix that the Devs STILL haven’t done (or not that I can see?) So if anyone knows a way around it or if not can someone PLEASE Pass it onto the DEVS?!? Because I dont know how to give the Devs feedback.

They have completely messed up one of the most basic & extremely annoying things that is in ANY survival game which is to “open” things (like a box, cupboard etc) you press the “F” key, BUT, in Icarus (& ONLY in Icarus) the “F” key is ALSO the “Take All” & the “use” key which does NOT work! I am sooooo Sick to death of opening a box with the “F” key & putting my new items away in that box, then as in ANY other game you press the same key again that you used to open that box to close it (the F key) but instead of closing you out of the box it takes EVERYTHING back again because the “F” key is stupidly the “Take All” key as well! Grrrr! ALL they need to do is follow ANY other game or Developers in history that used “common-sense” & simply make the “Take All” key the “R” key, or literally almost ANY other key besides the “F” key! @Devs, you CANT have the Same key for Open, Use & Take All, its just common-sense! Not to mention its driving people crazy.

The Only way Ive even found to close/back out of a container is by either pressing Escape, which is just way too far away on the keyboard to have to press all the time, or by pressing the “inventory” or Tab key TWICE, once to back out of the container/close it (which opens your inventory) & a second time to exit my inventory. I LOVE the game otherwise, but this is killing me guys! my Fav games are survival/crafting/building games & Ive played everyone I could ever find & Icarus is the ONLY one where common-sense is completely void with the most basic of things like this, its crazy.