item taxidermy knife

Taxidermy Knife


A small, strong precision cutting tool.

Use on an animal carcass to harvest its head as a trophy.
Crafted at item anvil benchAnvil Bench.

Required Elements: item woodWood (2), item leatherLeather (4),
item refined metalIron Ingot (6), item ironnailsIron Nails (2)

  • Crafted At: Anvil Bench
  • Requirements: Tech Tier 2
  • Talent Tree: talent blades runningwithaknife Blades and talent hunting bonecollector Hunting
  • Taxidermy knife is used to obtain heads from animal carcasses for use in creation of decorative mounted Heads. Taxidermy Knife has the Skinning Yield of a Stone Knife, which is significantly lower than other knives you can use on Tier 2. Keep in mind that you still need to unlock a talent and a blueprint for a Trophy Bench to create decorations using the heads you collect.
  • +100% Yield from Skinning, +100% chance to obtain Creature Trophies when Skinning
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1 year ago

What talents do I need to unlock to be able to cut heads?