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Scorpion Pincer Trap


Similar to a bear trap, this is one device you do NOT want to stand on. Can be reset after activation.

A trap that can be crafted using a Scorpion Pincer. Deals damage when triggered, and inflicts “Pinned” effect upon the target for 3-4 seconds.
Crafted at the Crafting Bench.

Required Elements: Stone (4), Stick (4), Scorpion Pincer (1)

  • Unlocked along with the Scorpion Hedgehog by the CARAPACE: Research mission.
  • Requires a Scorpion Pincer to craft, which is dropped by the Scorpions (each Scorpion will typically drop one Pincer and one Tail).
  • The Scorpion Pincer Trap has to be armed first. When triggered, it inflicts damage, as well as the “Pinned” status effect, which is very similar to the Immobilize effect. It lasts 3-4 seconds.
  • The Trap loses 40% durability per trigger. It can be repaired.
  • Can get triggered by the prospectors.
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