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Scorpion Hedgehog


A medium-sized hedgehog-style defensive structure with poisonous stingers for extra damage.

An upgrade to the Medium Wood Hedgehog that deals more damage and inflicts two stacks of Poison upon contact. Can be used to create a direct obstacle during battle or to defend your base.
Crafted at the Crafting Bench.

Required Elements: Medium Wood Hedgehog (1), Scorpion Tail (1)

  • Unlocked along with the Scorpion Pincer Trap by the CARAPACE: Research mission.
  • Requires a Scorpion Tail to craft, which is dropped by the Scorpions (each Scorpion will typically drop one Pincer and one Tail).
  • The Scorpion Hedgehog delivers damage and 2 stacks of Scoprion-strength Poison, at a cost of about 20% durability per impact. It can be repaired.
  • This version of the Hedgehog can hurt prospectors.
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