ICARUS Week Five Content Update Adds More New Missions, Makes Electrical Work Easier

Despite some of their staff apparently being on vacation, RocketWerkz continues to pump out the updates. Five weeks post-launch, the latest content patch adds two new missions, a few new trophies, improvements to the Electricity Tool, and some bug fixes to boot. If this is what they’re getting done without a full office, players should expect even more new missions, features, and fixes in the weeks to come.

The two new missions are SANDY BRIDGES, an Extended Survey mission in the Canyons (Desert), and BIG SHOT, a Stockpile mission in the Riverlands (Forest). There are also now mounted head trophies for Buffalo, Mammoth, Snow Leapord, and Alpha Wolf heads, so those of you working on a big-game hunting lodge now have even more to decorate with. You can also now remove all cable connections to a deployable by right-clicking the deployable with the Electricity Tool, which should make cable management much, much easier.

See the full patch notes below, and happy prospecting!

ICARUS Patch Notes – Version:

  • Added BIG SHOT: Stockpile mission.
  • Added SANDY BRIDGES: Extended Survey mission.
  • Added new mounted head trophies for Buffalo, Mammoth, Snow Leopard and Alpha Wolf.
  • Added ability to remove all cable connections to a deployable by right-clicking the deployable with the ‘Electricity Tool’ active.
  • Added wires are now highlighted when you mouseover them with the ‘Electricity Tool’ selected.
  • Fixed issue with Worms not having their difficulty scale correctly with player count. They’ll now be harder with more players ingame.
  • Fixed issue with boss wander radius not working as intended.
  • Fixed issue with ‘Pistol Handling’ talent making reload speed longer rather than shorter.
  • Fixed bug with power cables sometimes being undeletable or placed at the incorrect location.
  • Fixed issue with mission status sometimes loading incorrectly when resuming a drop.
  • Fixed issue with Avalanche: Expedition mission where the container was not interactable.
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2 years ago

there is a bug. when you reach level40+ you won’t get any more Talent points