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Content Type: Gaming News
Date: November 11, 2021

Beta Weekend 6 was the most content-rich yet, with a plethora of missions that sent Prospectors to every Biome currently unlocked. These new missions also gave us a better idea of what we can expect to experience when the game finally launches, and it seems safe to say that the challenges prospects on Icarus present will be varied. Prospectors who braved this last Beta Weekend got to battle a wolf boss, hunt for bio-samples, and use a whole hec kof a lot of ladders to reach equipment that had fallen from orbit.

But enough about the past: Beta Weekend 7 will begin 5PM PST on Friday, November 19th and run through November 21st (an 11PM end time seems probable), and should be pretty different from the previous beta weekends. Instead of adding new systems or features, RocketWerkz will spend the upcoming Beta Weekend hosting community events and giveaways as a way of saying “thank you” to everyone who helped test Icarus throughout the Beta.

The official announcement states that a new Photo Mode tool will be useful for capturing “builds and vistas”, and it seems likely that winning the competitions will involve submitting screenshots to RocketWerkz (almost certainly via Twitter). As of yet, there is no word on what exactly these competitions will entail, but given the reference to builds and vistas, the contests could be things like “Coolest Shelter” or “Best View”.

While there won’t be any new content beyond the Photo Mode, Prospectors will have access to some of the previous missions showcased in Beta Weekends past. Given the brief windows the game has been playable in, there are doubtlessly players who never got a chance to check out or finish all of the previous missions — so the weekend of the 19th will be your last chance before launch!

Excited for the final Beta Weekend? Got any guesses about what the community contests might entail? Let us know in the comments!

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Lesco Brandon
Lesco Brandon
6 months ago

I’m sure any of the community events will be geared towards streamers. Nothing about their events honestly will be practical. Pretty much a waste of time, just wait till the release.

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