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Xigo S5-X Envirosuit


An enhanced and lightly armored S5 envirosuit offering more functionality and life support systems than the S5-II.

An upgrade to the S5-II Envirosuit. Comes with a Water Slot and improved defense.
Research Cost: icon rencurrency100
Crafting Cost: icon rencurrency50

  • +5 Physical Resistance
  • +1 Suit Module Slots
  • +1 Oxygen Slots in Suit
  • +1 Water Slots in Suit

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Jean Paul Massaut
Jean Paul Massaut
1 year ago

changed to +5 Physical resistance +1 suit module +1 oxygen and +1 water slots in suit
price changed to Research Cost: 100, Crafting Cost: 50

Mila Grish
Mila Grish(@igreeni)
Reply to  Jean Paul Massaut
1 year ago

Missed this one! Sorry.
Thank you, Jean. Handled this one and about to add all of the other Envirosuits!

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