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Xigo S5-II Envirosuit


A general issue S5 envirosuit with extended life support systems.
Upgrade to the starter S5 envirosuit with an additional Module Slot and a Water Slot.
Research Cost: icon rencurrency50
Crafting Cost: icon rencurrency25

Requirements: None


  • +2 Suit Module Slots
  • +1 Oxygen Slots in Suit
  • +1 Water Slots in Suit
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Jean Paul Massaut
Jean Paul Massaut
1 year ago

the Xigo S5-II Envirosuit , has changed to +1 Suit Module slots and +1 oxygen slots in suit price is the same .
On a personal note , please update your site info to the latest info, you probbely have a character that has almost all orbit workshop stuff unlocked , so its easy to take a look at it and change the stats.

I liked the way you have the workshop items organised with a lot of info, i like that a lot, but a lot is outdated. not many sites around that have it layout like you have. i would love to see the site updated


Last edited 1 year ago by Jean Paul Massaut