icarus steel pickaxe

Steel Pickaxe


Tempered steel, suitable for mining stone and metal.

A durable, effective mining tool.
Crafted at item anvil benchAnvil Bench.

Required Elements: item woodWood (5), item epoxyEpoxy (4), item steel ingotSteel Ingot (6)

  • Crafted At: Anvil Bench
  • Requirements: Tech Tier 2, Level 20
  • Talent Tree: talent tools carefulhits Tools and talent resources stoneyield Resources
  • This successor to the Iron Pickaxe will only add 5 to your mining radius and 5% to your mining yield, but is the minimum required tool in order to mine Platinum, Aluminium, and Titanium. This makes it a required tool for crafting your first Tier 3 workbenches and tools.
  • +65 Mining Radius, +130% Yield from Mining
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