Exotic Ore

Exotic Ore


Rare resource that serves a Workshop currency. Also functions as the mission objective in Extraction missions.  

Required Tool to Harvest: item stone pickaxeStone Pickaxe or better

How to Get Exotics

To acquire Exotics in ICARUS, you need to first mine them in Extraction missions. This is currently possible with any type of pickaxe, but that may change with future updates. Note that you can double the amount of Exotic Ore you mine by using an Iron Pickaxe or better.

Once you’ve completed a given Extraction mission, Exotics should start appearing in the same fashion as that mission all over Icarus, regardless of what mission you select.

exotic ore deep vein icarus walkthrough 1
A node of Exotic Ore
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1 year ago

I’m not sure you an actually increase the yields from an exotics deposit by using a better pickaxe. We’ve mined dozens of these things–always with iron or better pickaxes–and the return is *always* 13-16 ores regardless of the pickaxe. Have gotten 16 from an iron pickaxe, have gotten 14 from a titanium one.

Reply to  Choco
1 year ago

And apparently received 12 from a first-hit lucky strike.

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