item extractor electric

Electric Extractor


A portable, powered mining unit powered by electricity for extracting exotics deposits.

Mid-tier Extractor deployable. Power with Electricity (requires 1,500 to operate). Used to drill Exotic Veins.

Has the following effects:

  • +33% Extractor Drill Speed

Crafted at Fabricator.
Required Elements: Iron Ingot (20), Electronics (5)

Weight: 2.0 Kg
Durability: 2,500
Rate of Extraction: 20 sec/Exotic

  • The Electric Extractor comes with the same drill speed as the top-tier IC-001 Extractor (33% Drill Speed), though the Electric Extractor‘s operation cost may be cheaper. Since it only requires 1,500 Electricity to operate, a Solar Panel can power 3 of these extractors simultaneously (which is the current limit per Exotic vein).
  • Keep in mind that Extractors still attract wildlife within normal detection radius, even if they do so far less than the Radars. Animal attacks will damage them.
  • Check out our Exotics Guide for more tips!
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