[Leak] ICARUS Game Files Reveal Possible New Map “Prometheus”

For anyone who’s been playing Icarus since launch, the three biomes (Riverlands don’t count) have become so familiar that most players could probably navigate them with their eyes closed. So, needless to say, the discovery of a new map in the game files is pretty exciting! Patch notes and data have both made references to “Prometheus”, which seems to be the working title for the new map. This references the Greek myth of the man who stole fire from the gods; the name appears apt, given that there’s what looks like a volcano in the bottom right of the new play area.

prometheus new icarus map small

Both Lava and Swamp biomes have been mentioned by the dev team and have appeared in some of the game’s concept art. Judging by the colors present in the new map, it seems as though the dark green areas could be swamps, while the darker grey sections might be igneous rock — AKA old, dry lava. While no lava flow is visible on the map, it may be the case that the area around the volcano could contain environmental hazards in the form of extreme heat or even lava flows.

It’s unlikely that this is the final form the map will take (or at least not its final look) — the map image in the files has undergone changes in the past few patch cycles. Here’s what the section of the map with the possible volcano looked like a few patches ago:

old prometheus map icarus news post

Given the current pace of the game’s development cycles, we’re betting on a release date of November or December, but until an official announcement comes there is of course no way to say for sure. Fans are also hopeful the next big update brings with it vehicles, mounts, and new missions (in addition to the new map and its fresh biomes). Whether this new map will be released for free à la the recent Styx update remains to be seen.

It is also possible that this new map is part of New Frontiers, the first paid DLC for Icarus set to drop later this year (to be followed by Dangerous Horizons in 2023. As per RocketWerkz, “These major expansions will feature new, more challenging biomes and more mutated or even alien lifeforms and new gameplay challenges”. Dealing with lava would certainly be a new and challenging environmental hazard!

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