ICARUS Week Fifteen: New Meats, Scales from Cave Worms, Two Research Missions, And More!

What do we want? Caveworm corpses! When do we want them? In ICARUS Update Week Fifteen, “The Hunt”! Oh, and in addition to Caveworms stopping their existence as some ethereal creatures that don’t take critical hits or drop any remains, they will now also poison sacs and drop scales, which you can use to craft special weapons! Well, that is, if you help UDA in figuring out how to obtain these from Caveworm bodies in the new Research mission first.

Oh, and have we mentioned Prime Meat being reworked into several new types of rare meats as well? And what about the new meat drying rack for these meats to turn them into delicious jerky for your travels? Well, strap in, dear prospectors, because we have quite a bit to discuss!

As we have mentioned above: Caveworms now leave remains behind! (Disgusting-looking, too…) And, if you would like to be able to gather Caveworm Scales from these, hop into the new UNEARTHED: Research mission — after you help UDA with their “sample analyzer,” you will get to keep a copy of the new recipes: namely, the Bow, Knife, and Spear made from Caveworm scales!

This new grade of weapons will inflict your targets with poison on hit! Definitely useful for chasing prey and longer battles.

icarus week fifteen content update hunting caveworms for caveworm scales crafting
Finally I can make those Caveworms feel the way I do when they assault my tired spelunking behind with five stacks of Poison… right back at you, worms!

After a tiring day of hunting, our poor prospectors have been resigned to eating the same generic flavor of Cooked Meat, the celebrated harvest of Prime Meat long gone, quickly spoiled. Well, today is the day to fire up the Orbital Grill: we have a lineup of juicy Boar Bacon, Fatty T-Bones, Wild Game Ribs, and Giant Steaks, we have meats both Stringy and Soft, meats White and Red!

You know what? Ditch that Campfire — we can do even better! Why not dry your meat to a satisfying crisp on a Drying Rack and bring it with you on your adventures? Now that’s a smart move.

icarus week fifteen content update drying game meat
Not going to lie, the Cooked Bacon looks like a sad, soggy, boiled piece of fat compared to the far more appetizing Crispy Bacon… seriously, whose idea was it to use the Campfire to *boil* the Bacon?

Starting with this update, Boars will drop White Meat instead of the red Raw Meat (and there are more basic meats incoming in future updates), and other animals will have a chance to drop a rare piece of meat that corresponds to their type: from Boar Bacon, to Baby Deer and Rabbit Soft Meat, to Game Meat from Buffalo, Large Deer, and Chamois, to Stringy Meat from Wolves and Jaguars.

icarus week fifteen stringy meat dropped by predators
Full stacks of sad Raw Meat from all those Wolves can now be fancy stacks of Stringy Meats

And, let’s wrap this one up with the mention of a new mission from Sinotai — the CRYOGENIC: Research, with a hardcore variant. Your goal with this one will be to gather info on “potential exotic mutation” in the animals on the surface of Icarus. Your targets are some preserved creatures, which may prove to be a bit difficult to access…

Oh, hey, by the way — the Water Pump that was added last week now turns on automatically when powered. You can see these and a few more additions and fixes in the full patch notes below. Hope you enjoy your new animal drops, prospectors, and happy hunting!

  • Added Drying Rack. This is a new processing structure that allows you to turn rare meats into its dried variant for preservation.
  • Added new Meat Types to replace Prime Meat – Stringy Meat, White Meat, Fatty T-Bone, Giant Steak, Game Meat, Soft Meat. These have a chance of dropping from all animals.
  • Added Bacon, a new meat type that always drops from Boars.
  • Added new dried meats that offer brand new buffs, such as Dried White Meat which offers increased stamina, exposure resistance and reduced food consumption.
  • Added 2 New Missions – Unearthed: Research & Cryogenic: Research (+ a Hardcore Variant).
  • Added new Caveworm items (Knife, Arrow, Spear & Bow) that are unlocked by completing the Unearthed Mission.
  • Added new Poison Sack, dropped by Caveworms and used in some of the above recipes.
  • Added new AI Improvements, such as more dynamic target selection from aggressive AI, and neutral Buffalo now have a charge attack.
  • Caveworms now drop a Caveworm Remains Mesh when killed.
  • Fixed Rain Reservoir filling up while sheltered.
  • [CRASH] Fixed a crash that could occur when the weather was updating.
  • [CRASH] Fixed crash that could occur when the rain was filling up the Rain Reservoir.
  • Improved Concrete Mix crafting times. Was 25s dry / 20s wet. Now 10s dry / 5s wet.
  • Fixed some Concrete building pieces not giving refund on deconstruction.
  • Fixed some Exotic deposits spawn locations in INFLUX: Construction, DRY RUN: Expedition, SPIRIT LEVEL: Survey, UPLIFT: Bio-Research, AGRICULTURE: Hydroponics, SOLIDMETAL: Stockpile, RAMPUP: Stockpile, BIGSHOT: Stockpile, ADVANCEDORDER: Stockpile, DUSTUP: Extermination.
  • Removed incorrect slot information from Fridge description. Fixed weight being only 20g.
  • Fixed Pistols not being repairable.
  • Fixed issue where some foliage would be invisible after loading a new area.
  • Fixed cave entrance blocker in F11 not being fully accessible.
  • Removed in-world tooltip UI window effect which could appear distorted on some configurations.
  • Fixed an exploit where in the loadout menu more than 15 item could be stacked in the dropship cargo inventory.
  • Fixed multiple cases where subtitled dialog did not match the audio.
  • Fixed some cases where overflow bags could spawn under terrain/in other objects.
  • Fixed various map issues, such as some incorrect cave voxel placement and floating trees in desert.
  • Added one more cave to the south-east corner of the map.
  • Fixed number of survey locations from three to two in the descriptions for Spirit Level Standard and Hardcore missions.
  • Fixed some cases where the Exotics that were placed in the Dropship did not appear in the station upon completion.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera position when interacting with the Generator was incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where some rock and foliage collisions weren’t working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where windows and doors were using the incorrect sound for their position.
  • Added limits to how many trees can be falling over during a storm at one time to address performance implications.
  • Fixed an issue where some buildings were not reloading when built above caves.
  • Fixed an issue where deployables would sometimes disappear until reload.
  • Fixed an issue where swimming animations could be distorted based on what was equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the previous radar scan was not visible upon re-joining a prospect.
  • Fixed an issue where valid fuel could be deleted from a devices inventory if an invalid fuel was present in the fuel slot such as Sulfur.
  • Added unique audio for falling burnt trees.
  • Fixed an issue where the level cap of 50 wasn’t being reflected in Steam Rich Presence.
  • Fixed not being able to refund a talent point if you tried to refund one of multiple unlocked pre-requisites.
  • Fixed Caveworm not taking Critical hit damage.
  • Fixed Extractor drilling animation not looping correctly.
  • Removed hidden mesh from Arctic Exotic Deposits causing bad collision.
  • Made Water Pump automatically turn on when connected to active power network.
  • Fixed the issue where players could not manually water crops.
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Mila Grish
Mila Grish

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James Rice
James Rice
1 year ago

what mats are required to repair the caveworm bow?

Reply to  James Rice
1 year ago

Hi James,
It is supposed to be the caveworm scale, the same material used to repair the melee caveworm equipment. A bug mistakenly linked the bow to the old sandworm scale from the beta testing. It should be fixed in the next patch. For now, people have been disassembling bows to make a new one. Thanks for your comment!

1 year ago

Now we have way too many types of meat and way to cook it for the limited number of inventory boxes. Very occasionnally I get one rare meat or something. I never keep it, one inventory box for one meat, it’s not worth it, not even for the little + it could provide. Say, what if there was a separate bag for food?
So, except on specific prospects, they are doomed to hardly been used.

Reply to  samyala
1 year ago

Hi Samyala,
Thanks for writing in. One-at-a-time drops definitely are not useful. It starts paying off if you choose talents and knives which increase the amount of meat obtained per kill. I’ve gotten 15 T-bone steaks off one bear, for example. Then, you split them between cooked and dried, turning one into a prime meat buff (hp, regen, stamina), and the other into a dried meat buff (stamina and special effects). Combine that with bacon from Boars, which always drops, and a hunter specialty is set for food. It is an alternative to Tier 2 or Tier 3 cooking to get buffs better than cooked meat and roasted veggies.

Darryl W Richmond
Darryl W Richmond
Reply to  samyala
1 year ago

My thoughts, exactly…and my experience as well. I even threw away the bacon…sacreligious I know but since I can’t taste it, I loose nothing!