ICARUS Week 31 Update: Free-Build Mode, Reinforced Glass, and Outpost Drop Fix

This Week’s update heralds a host of improvements and bug fixes driven by community feedback. Chief among them are a new free-build mode, durability improvements for glass with the reinforced glass option, and a fix for players resuming Outposts (especially helpful on Olympus).

All of this is thanks to our community feedback through tools like subreddits, Discord, and IcarusUpvote (which reached 100K posts this past week).

icarus week 31 update wooden ship build

Custom builds and adjustments to terrain have just gotten a lot easier: the free-build mode allows you to place tiles without adhering to the snap-grid.

Just switch back and forth between snap and free modes using the Home button and you will have complete control over placement. Make sure each tile is adequately supported because the physics system is still in effect.

icarus week 31 update concrete elevated base

The flexibility of free-build mode is further improved with the new Vertical Nudge feature. This allows you to vertically move a tile you want to place with the PageUp and PageDown keys.

This feature will come in handy when controlling how tiles clip (or not) into the scenery, and free-build will make it easier to create shells of defensive structures.

icarus week 31 update reinforced glass ball build

Hook up your Glassworking Bench to a Water Pump and you will now have the ability to produce Reinforced Glass tiles. Reinforced glass has the durability and wind resistance of Stone tiles.

This makes it easier to introduce glass walls in buildings and to maintain the durability of glass structures when Heavy Storms are in the forecast.

icarus week 31 update rustic table deer statue

The tileset for double-doors has also been completed. They now come in all material varieties with new options for thatch, interior wood, glass, concrete, and aluminum.

icarus week 31 update rustic base interior

As promised, we get a fix for Outpost drop locations, though perhaps in an unexpected way. Resuming in Outposts now works the same way as in Prospects.

If you leave by returning to the Character Select screen, then you will resume where your character left the outpost. If, instead, you leave by dropship, then you still will return by dropship with the loadout you selected.

This building update is a breath of fresh air for both creative builders and those seeking a less frustrating building experience on prospects. It’s time to drop in to the old outpost or a new prospect and test out the new construction options.

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1 year ago

My Olympus outpost changes reinforced glass to normal glass on entering the game once you have logged off. Why is this happening?

Reply to  Boroboy
1 year ago