ICARUS Beta Weekend 7 Photo and Build Contest, RTX 3080 Giveaway Details Announced

As part of the final ICARUS Beta Weekend, developer RocketWerkz is holding both a graphics card giveaway and two game-related competitions: a Best Photo competition, and a Best Build competition. To aid Prospectors in capturing their work, Beta Weekend 7 will launch with a new Photo Mode, as well as NVIDIA’s RTX Global Illumination tech.

  • Best Environment Photo – The best beautiful but deadly with beautifully-lit scenery
  • Best Action Photo – Capture a moment of intense gameplay frozen in time
  • Best Team Photo – Showcase your teamwork or comradery

To enter the Best Photo competition, submit your photo(s) in the Icarus Discord‘s  #bw7-photo-competition channel, or use the hashtag #icarusphoto on Twitter or Instagram.

  • Best Skyscraper – Not necessarily the tallest, but the build that gives the best sense of height
  • Most Impossible Build – The build that seemingly defies the laws of physics and gravity
  • Best Geography – The build that best uses the terrain it is built on, in or around. Maybe a cave, island, cliff face or outcrop.

To enter the Best Build competition, submit a video or screenshot(s) of your build in the Icarus Discord‘s  #bw7-building-competition channel, or use the hashtag #icarusbuild on Twitter or Instagram.

The winner of each category will win the following:

  • Icarus T-shirt
  • Icarus mousepad
  • Icarus Wings enamel pin
  • USD$140 Steam Wallet funds (NZD$200)
  • Icarus Supporters Edition key
  • Logitech Pro Wired Gaming Mouse and Gaming Keyboard

We’ve pulled most of the important Terms and Conditions, and highlighted the key ones for you:

  • Entries close 12 noon PST / 8pm UTC on Tuesday 23 November 2021
  • Only three entries per person will be considered (across both categories)
  • Only entries created during Beta Weekend 7 will be considered
  • No external editing allowed
  • Only PNGs, JPGs, MP4s or MOV files will be accepted. Videos can also be submitted as YouTube links or Vimeo links as an alternative
  • Entries can be taken using Icarus’ Photo Mode (press NumPad 9), Steam screenshots or other tools but must not include any branding
  • For the Best Photo Competition, each image is considered an entry
  • For the Best Build Competition, each entry can be either a video or series of images but must be a singular building project. This can include multiple buildings in the same space, but not across multiple prospects
  • RocketWerkz reserves the right to publish and use your entries in Icarus promotions
  • Winners will be announced on Discord and Steam by Friday, November 26th

You can read the official announcement, and check out the full list of terms and conditions here.

As part of their team-up with NVIDIA, RocketWerkz is giving away two RTX 3080s. There are twenty ways to enter the contest, including stuff like playing ICARUS on Steam, following Nvidia on Twitch, and the like. Head here to enter the contest! Note that you’ll have to sign up for a Gleam.io account to enter.

Planning on entering the contests? Already have an RTX 3080 and just want to brag? Let us know in the comments!

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