item module player tracker

Player Tracker Module


Provides realtime location data on team members.

Player tracker module that can be brought from Orbit. Provides realtime location data on team members, unlocks the visual map and custom waypoints.
Research Cost: icon rencurrency75 icon metaexotic25
Crafting Cost: icon rencurrency 50 icon metaexotic10

  • Can access the Visual Map
  • Can place Waypoints
  • Can see Player Waypoints on the Map

Requirements: Mass Dampener Module

How to See Other Players on the Map

Currently, utilizing the Player Tracker Module doesn’t seem to add any value, since you can already see fellow Prospectors on the map and set Custom Waypoints. Bringing this module with you on a mission is supposed to allow you to track the location of other players, but currently this feature seems to be on by default.

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7 months ago

This seems to already be active by default without having it equipped, I unlocked it expecting some more HUD info but no change to the map information already being given.

Mila Grish
Mila Grish(@igreeni)
Reply to  Cinderhead
7 months ago

Huh… that’s not right 🙁 Thank you for letting us know, we will look into it. Perhaps it’s one of the fixes that needs to be addressed by the developers.

Tony Ko
Tony Ko
7 months ago

Does this work for the HUD or the MAP?

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