item glass



Created by processing item ore silicaSilica Ore at a item kit concrete furnaceConcrete Furnace or better.

Required Elements:
1 item ore silicaSilica Ore — 1 item glassGlass

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upset gamer
upset gamer
2 years ago

why is this only available from a t3 stove but you unlock lantern that needs it t2? HOW do you research something that needs a material you dont even know how to make, thats not researching at that point its just dreaming

Equally confused prospecter
Equally confused prospecter
Reply to  upset gamer
1 year ago

Bruh thats what i was thinking. I had to look up how to get glass only ro find your post ranting about it. Devs pls

gody glanzmann
gody glanzmann
Reply to  Equally confused prospecter
9 months ago

tbh if thats your only problem, devs did a good job, sooner or later u have to get lvl 20 for t 3 so get yourself a bow and some arrows and kill animals in the desert