item cement mixer

Cement Mixer


Used to craft item concrete mixConcrete Mix.

Crafted atitem kit machining benchMachining Bench.

Required Elements:item woodWood (50), item ore stoneStone (40), item refined metalIron Ingot (20), item ropeRope (8), item ironnailsIron Nails (8)

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2 years ago

How do you connect this to water network?

Reply to  Fosheezy
2 years ago

water pump , T4 but it dosent need water to make concret

Reply to  Fosheezy
2 years ago

Hi Fosheezy,

Thanks for your question. I am assuming you have a powered water pump like in the STOCKPILE Hydroponics mission. In short, to connect the cement mixer to the pump, you will use the new piping tool. It looks like the wiring tool, but with a thick blue hose instead of a brown wire.

Equip the piping tool, and then left-click on the water pump, and you should see a glowing virtual hose come from the pump as you turn away. Go over to the concrete mixer and left-click again to connect the other end of the hose to it.

It is okay to walk around walls; the hose will go through them, the rocks, and the ground. If the line will not go the full distance, you need to place hose nodes every few meters on the ground by left-clicking. If you need to move through floors to connect to the mixer, you may need to first put a node on the top of the floor, and then connect to the mixer. Like with the wiring tool, you can right-click on any node to remove one of the wires attached to it.

It takes a little experimenting with the hose tool to figure it out. Let us know how it goes!

(Note that I have seen bug reports recently that the water-power crafting speed bonus is not working correctly with the concrete mixer yet, but you can still connect it successfully.)

Last edited 2 years ago by SurvivalSherpa
8 months ago

mine keeps breaking randomly when using it, have water hooked up to it, how can i fix this?