ICARUS Week 39 Update: Ranged Attachments, Mount and Dedicated Server Developments

This week rounds out the equipment attachments set with the addition of ranged weapon attachments. We also got an update on the work RocketWerkz is doing on the new mounts system and dedicated servers, as well as a few interesting surprises in the patch notes.

icarus week 39 udpate lever action rifle aimed

It appeared that ranged weapons were going to be left out of the alterations system, until they were teased in an earlier update. This week, we finally gain the ability to craft 25 new attachments that together cover every class of ranged weapon. The ranged attachments follow the same pattern as the melee/tool and armor attachments. There are Tier 3 standard attachments and Tier 4 advanced and special attachments, and some only fit specific types of ranged weapons.

icarus week 39 udpate bow and target

Some of these attachments grant buffs like increased clip size, quieter firing, or enhanced zoom, while others provide weapons with new abilities like highlighting potential targets or a chance to fire two projectiles at once. Here is the full set released this week:

  • Basic/Advanced Scope (All ranged weapons)
  • Basic/Advanced Trajectory Module (Bows and Crossbows)
  • Basic/Advanced Economic Attachment (Bows and Crossbows)
  • Basic/Advanced Silencer (All Guns)
  • Basic/Advanced Flexible Frame (All Guns)
  • Basic/Advanced Strengthened Strings (Bows only)
  • Basic/Advanced Lightweight Frame (Crossbows only)
  • Basic/Advanced Handcannon (Pistol only)
  • Basic/Advanced Sniper Scope (Rifles only)
  • Basic/Advanced Spread Reduction Module (Shotgun only)
  • Rapid Fire (Bows only)
  • Prototype Notch (Crossbows only)
  • Extended Chamber (Pistol only)
  • Hunting Scope (Rifles only)
  • Spread Increased Module (Shotgun only)

This week, RocketWerkz also teased that in the future, attachments will have cosmetic as well as stats or functional effects.

icarus week 39 udpate team bow and rifle

“Mounts are very close to being released”, says RocketWerkz. The developer has yet to go into concrete detail on the mechanics of this system, but each week we get a few glimpses in the patch notes. This time, much of the work reportedly was on the audio for mount actions and animals.

Taming is going to be a part of of the mount system, and the age of the animal (juvenile versus adult) may determine if this is possible. This week the patch notes included references to projectile-based taming tools like tranquilizers.

So far we know the Moa and a creature called “M” will be valid mounts (perhaps in Prometheus or future DLCs), and this week the patch notes added Buffalo to that list. Since Bears and Polar Bears already have juvenile versions in the game (Bear Cubs and Baby Polar Bears), then it is plausible they will be valid mounts, as well. The real question is: can we get them to walk around like cute pets in the base!

icarus week 39 udpate crossbow aimed

Dedicated servers will be a boon for those of us adversely impacted by the worldwide Microsoft Azure outage this week. Dedicated servers provide important stability and often increased capability for multiplayer gameplay, such as untethered movement and game rule modifications (e.g. ARK).

So far, RocketWerkz says they have completed several components of the system, such as the connection state, server settings, and setup/customization options. They are now working internally on gameplay testing and refinement. When ready for public testing, the developer plans to release dedicated servers on a separate Steam branch to get feedback on performance, gameplay, and the overall experience.

icarus week 39 update bow aimed at sandworm

Sadly, RocketWerkz finally put the nail in the coffin of the raccoon species on Icarus. They have officially removed the assets and references to them. This lovable cannon fodder scurried around the Beta branch, but disappeared during full release to the dismay of many in the community. Farewell, furry bandit.

Here are some other interesting surprises in the patch notes for Week 39:

  • Assets for a Rock Dog animal are in development. It is unclear whether this is a bespoke creature, or whether it will be modeled after the IRL “rock dog”, the American Mastiff Panja. This strongly-built breed has a sketchy history and is still kept for guarding, protection, or even a family pet.
  • Advanced Armor and Electric Armor benches were added, including recipes and talent requirements.
  • Items like advanced cloth armor (a more available alternative to Sandworm Armor?) and hard leather armor are mentioned, as well as “platinum weave” items.
  • Assets for both the predator bird and a swamp bird are mentioned, as well as a “swamp quadruped”. The bestiary for the next DLCs just keeps growing.
  • New terrain assets appeared, like cave ice pillars, tundra bushes and saplings, and toitoi plants (which are like a plumed or feathery grass).
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