ICARUS Week 38 Update: New Construction Level, Food Buff Talents, and Bug Fixes

This week brings a solid round of bug fixes and quality-of-life and performance improvements, as well as a new construction level named HIGHRISE. Also coming this week, two new talents will strengthen food buffs from consuming fruits and vegetables or dried meat.

icarus week 38 update glass bungalow

This level is a boon for fans of ICARUS builds and screenshots. The stakes are higher than the usual construction mission — players must erect a 6-story observation tower illuminated by braziers and electric lighting. On top of the regular rewards, the patch notes hint that a new talent is also in the offerings.

With a 24-hour time limit, RocketWerkz is challenging budding architects to “build big, be creative, and share your screenshots with us on #screenshots and #icarus-clips in our Discord”. Consider using a character with extraction talents or yield-boosting equipment, because you may want a lot of wood and stone for this one.

icarus week 38 update glass wall observation deck

Two new talents aim to strengthen the food buffs your prospector gets. For the plant eaters, the Vegetarian talent will boost bonuses from “vegetable-only” foods by up to 30%. On the other hand, players may find dried meats more appetizing with the Carnivore talent. This increases bonuses from eating dried meat up to 30%, as well.

icarus week 38 update night lit concrete tower

RocketWerkz is fond of touting its commitment to listening to community members’ bug reports and suggestions. This week’s update does not disappoint, with many of the fixes coming directly from community feedback submitted to and voted on using the FeatureUpvote site.

Here are a few of the most interesting and impactful changes:

  • Weather effects like blowing leaves and rain streaks will no longer show up when underwater or in glass buildings.
  • Biome Mastery talents will correctly apply their bonuses for Styx prospects, as they had in Olympus prospects.
  • Sleeping in better beds (like the interior wood bed) will provide better and longer-lasting “Well Rested” buffs than cheap beds (like the bedroll).
  • Doors, windows, and electric lights will maintain their state after save/reload.
  • The alteration bench recipes now can be filtered by equipment type.
  • Releasing the crouch button will allow crouched players to fall off ledges, which will prevent players from getting stuck while crouched.
  • UI performance improvements for the encumbrance bar, map widgets, and hotbar scrolling.
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