ICARUS Week 21 Update: New Mission Featuring Rustic Decor Itemset

Let’s get ready to… decorate? This week ICARUS goes domestic with an expansion to decoration buildables, all with rustic wood and metal themes. The Devs are tackling a significant vanishing loadout bug in the backend while they prep for another big release; in the meantime, we get a new old-timey crafting station stocked with a variety of furnishings to spirit up your bases. Don’t discount them as cheap, though: there’s gold on the material list for some of these new items, and the African Assembly will accept nothing less than everything for the VIP showroom they want you to construct.

icarus week 21 update rustic workbench

Dropping in with you this week are plans for a new workstation (“Rustic Decor Crafting Bench”) that allows you to craft 20 new antique-style decorations. They run the gambit from furniture, like tables, benches, and full-length sofas, to candle lighting fixtures and intricate metal statues. (Someone at RocketWerkz really has a taste for frontier-chic!)

icarus week 21 update indoor furnishings

From Brent, the Lead 3D Artist on ICARUS: “We saw all the amazing homes that the community were making (even though there wasn’t much available in the way of typical “home decor”), so our art team thought, why not make some more?” You heard him. It’s time to spruce up those plain Outpost bases.

You will get plenty of opportunity to admire these new buildables from the latest dispatch by the African Assembly — the HOMESTEAD: Construction. They want someone to make them a comfy, fully-featured base to impress their VIPs planet-side. On the order are many of the new rustic decorations and, of course, a cozy fireplace. It will take some metalwork to satisfy these patrons, so don’t pass up any gold nodes you find.

icarus week 21 update outdoor dining
icarus week 21 update metal statue

The frenetic pace of weekly updates is bound to produce some astounding glitches. According to RocketWerkz, the Devs are focused on clearing these up so that soon we can go back to just worrying about Bears. In the meantime, there are a couple issues you should be aware of.

icarus week 21 update singed workbench

The main issue right now is the disappearance of some prospectors’ loadouts after they drop in, and the inability to recover them after leaving Icarus. According to Ben (CTO at RocketWerkz), for now, the Devs advise you to use the “Remove from Prospect” debug button. This is supposed to allow you to extract and recover your workshop items. If this does not work, e-mail [email protected] and provide them with your SteamID, your character name, and what was lost.

icarus week 21 update new bugs

Another issue that has been plaguing some users is delayed auto-saving to the server. If you see this warning, consider shutting down ICARUS until the servers reestablish the connection. Unless the servers reconnect while you are playing, any progress while this warning is displayed will not be saved.

Check out the rest of this week’s updates in the detailed patch notes below!

  • Added a new mission – HOMESTEAD: Construction
    //OPERATOR: African Assembly // BIOME: Forest // BACKGROUND: Operator is hosting a VIP investment on Icarus, and requires advanced infrastructure for their guests in the region. // MISSION: Construct a fully equipped base to Operator specifications. //TERMS: Flat fee. All resources and construction materials responsibility of the Contractor.
  • Added new Rustic Decor Items
    • Rustic Decor Crafting Bench – You’ll need this to craft most of the new pieces.
    • Rustic Bench
    • Rustic Bookshelf
    • Rustic Cabinet
    • Rustic Candles
    • Rustic Coffee Table
    • Rustic 3-Seater Couch
    • Rustic 2-Seater Couch
    • Rustic Dining Chair
    • Rustic Armchair
    • Rustic Nightstand
    • Rustic Pot
    • Rustic Stool
    • Rustic Table
    • Rustic Large Table
    • Rustic Round Table
    • Rustic Wardrobe
    • Rustic Narrow Wardrobe
    • Rustic Icarus Statue
  • Fixed a rare issue where buildings supported by caves and cliffs were breaking when reloading a prospect.
  • Adjusted the lake sound to lower in volume when on an island so it doesn’t feel like you are in the middle of the water.
  • Fixed an issue where ambient audio transitions could sound jarring between the Desert and Arctic biomes.
  • Fixed some naming inconsistencies and spelling issues on talents.
  • Fixed deep mining drills not saving their active state when walking out of range or logging out.
  • Fixed damage over time effects not awarding credit for killing the target (i.e. no experience rewarded for kills with poison).
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