item sandworm scale

Sandworm Scale


A titan’s cast-off armor.
Sandworm Scales are dropped by Sandworms as you attack them. This resource is used for crafting a set of unique tools.


  • Sandworm Scales are used in crafting the Sandworm Spear, Sandworm Arrow, and Sandworm Knife.
  • Items crafted with Sandworm Scales are similar to the best tools and weapons offered by Tier 2. However, they also come with a special ability: “+100% chance to Poison on Hit with Attacks“.
  • Sandworm items tend to have lower durability than their Tier 2 counterparts.
  • Sandworm Arrow is not the only arrow with a chance to inflict Poison — that ability is also offered by the Poison Arrow.
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Greg J
Greg J
1 month ago

Not sure if it’s the same thing but the Sandworm weapons say 100% chance to Wound on attacks, not Poison

Reply to  Greg J
1 month ago

Hi Greg. Thanks for the comment. Are you sure you are not talking about the Scorpion weapons made with Scorpion carapace scales? Scorpion weapons have a 100% chance to cause Wound, which prevents enemy health regeneration. However, Sandworm weapons made with sandworm scales all have a 100% chance to cause poison per hit.

Could you check which scales you are using, and the name of the weapon you are crafting?

Reply to  SurvivalSherpa
1 month ago

Nope, he’s right, It’s cave worm arrows/weapons that cause poison.

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