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Animal Highlighting Module


A quicker way to track your prey.

Envirosuit module which highlights animals when aiming. Similar to Sense Animals talents.
Research Cost: icon rencurrency75 icon metaexotic25
Crafting Cost: icon rencurrency 50 icon metaexotic10

  • Small Creatures are Highlighted when Aiming
  • Medium Creatures are Highlighted when Aiming
  • Large Creatures are Highlighted when Aiming

Requirements: Animal Healthbar Module

  • This Module mimics the effects of talent hunting smallanimalsensesSense Small Animals, talent hunting mediumanimalsenseSense Medium Animals, and talent hunting largeanimalsensesSense Large Animals talents.
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Jean Paul Massaut
Jean Paul Massaut
6 months ago

well the only thoughts i have is about the 2 new hunter modules us that you will lose 2 module slots that you could fill with 2x +5% running speed witch in this game makes adifrence on so many levels.
But on the other hand you save 5 talent points witch is also a very extensive + for your builds

so is it worth sacrificing the 10% eun speed i myself would say yes , seeing animals way ahead of you that hide in bushes is a handy skill to have , and most of the time when you hunt you are sneaking anyway and don’t use the running speed that mutch.

and the 10 % running speed can easily got back from running with knife talent

just my 2 cents

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