item meta crate printed

MXC Crate


A premade crate to store your supplies.
Spacious, sturdy storage crate that can be brought from Orbit. Comes with 25 slots.
Research Cost: icon rencurrency250
Crafting Cost: icon rencurrency50

  • Comes with 25 slots. Equivalent to the Medium Iron Crate, but comes with significantly higher durability.
  • Durability: 30,000.
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Jean Paul Massaut
Jean Paul Massaut
6 months ago

The chest well + 5 slots is it worth to have one other workshop item less, i would say no , it only costs 2 techtree points to get the 20 slots .
for me i rather have a extrea mining axe or something extra with me then a 25 slot box and
and seeing teh 20 slot box only costs a few resources to make you can make 2 or how mutch you need
so u never have storage room shortage
just my 2 cents

24 days ago

mortar ?

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