Final Fantasy X Mi’ihen Highroad Walkthrough

From this point forward, Save Spheres will now allow you to play Blitzball if you want to, and you can recruit various players throughout Spira to join the Besaid Aurochs (press playstation square button to talk to them about recruitment, and if it’s possible to recruit them they will talk about a contract with you).

Highroad – South End

The first battle you get into will be a tutorial on using Auron. He is a strong physical attacker with a lot of HP, and he specializes against armored enemies (as most of his weapons will allow him to ignore their high Defense). He can also lower the stats of enemies, further inhibiting them.

If you run into the Dual Horn enemy while going through this area, you can teach Kimahri the Fire Breath Ronso Rage by having him use Lancet on it, and he can learn Self Destruct from the Bombs.

You can talk to the man standing in front of the statue to see an extra cutscene, and learn about Lord Mi’ihen. While going through the path, talk to the travelers to receive 2 Antidotes and a Hunter’s Spear for Kimahri. Behind the ruined building on the left, you’ll find a chest with an Ice Brand for Tidus.

final fantasy x miihen south

Towards the end of this path you will see a woman off to the right side. This is Belgemine, and she will offer an optional battle involving Yuna‘s Aeons. For this battle, you will only be able to use your Valefor, so getting her and Yuna’s Overdrive gauges full will give you an advantage in the battle. If you talk to her and accept the challenge, she will heal your Aeons before the battle begins.


If Yuna‘s Overdrive is full when the battle starts, use her Grand Summon to give Valefor an instant Overdrive (or two if you filled her own as well). Ifrit has a straightforward attack pattern. He will rotate between Attack and Meteor Strike, and use Hellfire when his Overdrive gauge is full. Attack him with Blizzard and your own Overdrives, and you can use Shield to reduce the damage from Meteor Strike and Hellfire.

final fantasy x vs ifrit

If you win the battle, you will receive an Echo Ring for Yuna, and if you lose you will get a Seeker’s Ring for her. Either way, you can continue north to the next area.

Highroad – South

On the north end of the map, you will find a treasure chest containing a Remedy. You can also talk to the man running by for a Red Ring for Yuna, and talk to the kid for 3 Softs (if you DO NOT kick the blitzball on the ground). Otherwise just continue down the path to go to the next area.

Highroad – Central

Talk to the man walking by to receive a Lv. 1 Key Sphere. Down the path you will see an opening on the right side, which will have a chest with 2000 gil. You can also find a person near this area to receive 4 Antidotes, and a man walking back and forth that will give you 600 gil.

Once you make it to the wagon and it moves, talk to the person that’s on the left side to receive an Ether, and further down you will find another person who will give you a Hi-Potion. Here you can get a couple of extra cutscenes. You can talk to Gatta and Luzzu on the right side to get one about the Crusaders, and down the path you will find a girl talking to a man. This is Shelinda, who you can speak to so you can meet her and learn some more information.

final fantasy x miihen highroad central

There is one more person you can talk to in order to get 4 Antidotes, and you will find a chest containing 3 Eye Drops before you move onto the next area.

Highroad – Agency, Front

After a cutscene you will be inside of the Agency. Here you can save and buy some equipment and items from the counter. Exit the Agency, and after a cutscene you will be put back inside. As you start leaving, a man will run up to you and give you a Lv. 1 Key Sphere, and he will also offer to teach you how they work if needed. As you try to leave, you will be stopped by Rin. He will give you the Al Bhed Primer Vol. VIII and 2 Mega-Potions. Now walk outside and head north to begin a boss fight.

Chocobo Eater

There are two ways you can win this fight: either kill the boss as you normally would, or knock it off of the ledge. Abilities such as Dark Attack, Power Break, Cheer, and Haste will help make the fight easier, and you can take advantage of its Fire weakness with Lulu. Using magic will cause the Chocobo Eater to fall on its back, and you will be able to push it back towards the cliff during this. Keep in mind that while it’s knocked down like this, it can counter physical attacks with Blizzard.

If you manage to knock the boss off of the edge, you will get 2 Lv. 1 Key Spheres, but you will not get the AP you would get from defeating it normally. Once the fight is over, you can speak to the woman outside of the agency to get a free chocobo ride. While on a chocobo, you will move faster than normal, be able to access areas you normally can’t, and you will not encounter any random battles. Continue moving north to head to the next area.

final fantasy x vs chocobo eater

There is nothing to get in the Newroad, South area, so simply go down the path to continue.

Highroad – Newroad, North

As you go through the curve, you can see a chocobo feather on the ground. These feathers are indicators that there is an area that can be accessed only if you’re riding a chocobo. Walk up to the feather and press playstation x button to fly up to a treasure chest containing a Heat Lance for Kimahri. Around the second curve in the path, you can find the Al Bhed Primer Vol. IX. Continue down the road to get to the next area.

Highroad – North End

Open the chest immediately to your left to obtain 2 Hi-Potions. You can continue with the story by heading north, but go down the southeast path first to get some more treasure.

Highroad – Oldroad, North

Be on the lookout for a chocobo feather on the left side of the path. This will lead you to a path that will give you a Thunder Blade for Auron, and a Scout for Wakka. go back on the road and continue going west to go to the next area.

Highroad – Oldroad, South

Go down the path, and you will eventually see a chocobo feather on the right side. Follow this path to get a rare Fortune Sphere. At the end of this road will have a chest containing the Mars Crest, which will be needed for Auron‘s Celestial Weapon much later.

final fantasy x oldroad south

In this area you will also find O’aka. This will be your last chance to donate to him, so if you want him to have lower prices for you, make sure you’ve donated a total of 10,001 gil before you continue.

Now you can make your way back the North End, and speak to Dona and head towards the wagon blocking your path to move it. If you are still on your chocobo, you will be kicked off of it at this point. You can speak to the guard on the left to donate money to their operation, with Tidus receiving an item depending on how much he contributes:

  • 100 gil will give you a Scout for Wakka
  • 1000 gil will give you an Ice Lance for Kimahri
  • 10000 gil will give you a Moon Ring for Yuna

None of the items are particularly useful, and the donations don’t contribute to anything else, so you can just ignore this completely. When you try to go to the next area, you will be stopped, and you can speak to the guard on the right to have him explain what Operation Mi’ihen is. Walk south for a bit to trigger a cutscene, and you will now be able to move on to the next area.

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