Final Fantasy X: Yojimbo

Yojimbo is one of three optional Aeons that you can get for Yuna. You can find him at any point once you reach the Calm Lands, but you will need a lot of gil to recruit him.

Obtaining Yojimbo

Yojimbo can be found in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. To get there, head to the northern area of the Calm Lands (that leads to Mt. Gagazet), and walk down the slope. This will lead you to a new area, and the Cavern entrance will be on the left side.

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The dungeon is fairly straightforward to get through, however there will be a boss fight at the end of it. You will run into Lady Ginnem, where you will have to fight her Yojimbo. The fight isn’t too difficult, and once you beat him, go to the teleporter, and go to the Chamber of the Fayth.

Once you get to the chamber, you will be able to recruit Yojimbo by making a contract with him. He will ask you a question, and your answer will determine how much gil you will have to pay him.

Getting the Lowest Price

While Yojimbo’s contract is expensive no matter what, you can bargain with him, and there are steps to get the price as low as possible.

  • When Yojimbo asks you his question initially, pick the third option (“To defeat the most powerful enemies”), putting his initial price at 250,000 gil.
  • Offer him 125,001 gil (50% of the offer plus 1 gil), and he will ask for 225,000 gil.
  • Then offer him 112,501 gil (50% of the offer plus 1 gil), and he will ask for 202,500 gil.
  • Finally, make an offer of 141,751 gil (70% of the offer plus 1 gil), and he will offer his contract for 190,350 gil.

This is the lowest offer Yojimbo will make for recruiting him. Once you accept it, he will join you. If at any point you want to give him triple his offer, he will also give you two Teleport Spheres.


Something that should be noted about Yojimbo is that he has access to the strongest attack in the game: Zanamato. This move will instantly kill any enemy in the game, and not even superbosses are immune to it.

While there is no way to completely guarantee the use of Zanmato, you can increase the chance of him using it by paying him well with the Pay command, having a full Overdrive bar with him, and by continued use of his Wakizashi move.


Recruiting Yojimbo grants the achievement ‘It’s All About The Money.’

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