Final Fantasy X: Yuna Celestial Weapon – Nirvana

Yuna’s Celestial Weapon is the Nirvana. Obtaining and upgrading her weapon requires getting all of her Aeons and a little bit of monster capturing.

Fully upgrading it gives you the passive effects Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Double AP, and One MP Cost, and will allow Valefor to break the damage limit. With Nirvana, Yuna’s damage is scaled from her MP, dealing 100% damage while she is at max MP.

After you get the Celestial Mirror, you can get the Nirvana in the Monster Arena within the Calm Lands by starting the monster capture side quest. This will require you to buy special weapons from the owner with the ‘Capture’ effect (this is the only way your weapon can have this effect) and get the final hit on a monster using that weapon to capture it (the attack must be physical).

You only need to do the first part of this side quest for Nirvana, which requires you to capture at least one of every monster that can appear in the Calm Lands (the machina enemies don’t count towards this, as they can’t be captured). Once you captured all nine monsters, speak to the owner and a chest containing the weapon will appear.

monster arena
The Monster Arena

The Moon Crest can be found in an alcove on the beach in Besaid, where you met Wakka in the beginning of the game. You will have to go into the water and swim to the right to reach the alcove.

The Moon Sigil is in the Remiem Temple within the Calm Lands. Inside the temple you’ll find Belgemine who will challenge you to an Aeon duel for every Aeon that Yuna knows. You must win a battle against all of her Aeons (this will require you to get Yojimbo, Anima, and the Magus Sisters), and you will be given the option to send her.

Once you do, you will be given the Moon Sigil. Something to keep in mind: if you did not obtain the Destruction Sphere treasures in the Besaid and/or Macalania Temples on your first visit there, you will have to fight Dark Valefor and/or Dark Shiva to get all of the Aeons and the Sigil.

belgemine in remiem temple
Belgemine challenging you within the temple

Once you have both the Crest and Sigil, take them back to the altar in Macalania Woods to fully upgrade your Nirvana.

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