Final Fantasy X: Sphere Farming

Spheres are used to fill in and activate nodes in the Sphere Grid. In order to completely fill it, you will need a lot of the Red and Purple type Spheres, as well as Clear Spheres if you want to max out stats. There are ways to farm both, and they all involve fiends in the Monster Arena.

Red Spheres are the easier and quicker of the two types to farm. You must first unlock Kottos in the Monster Arena. Then, battle Kottos in the Monster Arena, and use either an Extract Skill (like Extract Power), or use a Distiller item (like Speed Distiller). Defeating the enemy will then cause it to drop up to 40 of the stat sphere you chose. This is by far the most efficient way to farm Red Spheres.

ffx kottos

The only exception to this method is Fortune Spheres. As there is no way to extract them, the best way to farm them is to unlock and defeat the Earth Eater monster continuously in the Battle Arena. While this isn’t nearly as efficient, you luckily will not need this sphere as much as the others, as there is no need to max out a character’s Luck.

You cannot get all of the Purple Spheres from a single place like the Red Spheres. Instead, each Purple Sphere can be dropped from a fiend in the Monster Arena that you must unlock. Each time you defeat the monster, they will almost always drop two of the sphere.

Sphere Dropped
Jumbo Flan
Greater Sphere

If you want to fully maximize a character’s stats, you will have to use Clear Spheres so that you can replace the nodes that only give +1-3 of a stat to something that will give +4. These Spheres can only be bought from the Monster Arena owner after you unlock the Ultima Buster fiend, and cost 10,000 gil each.

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