Final Fantasy X: Lulu Overdrive – Fury

Lulu‘s Overdrive in Final Fantasy X is Fury. When used, she will cast a weaker version of any Black Magic spell she knows X number of times at once, depending on how you execute the Overdrive (up to 16). You will learn all of Lulu’s Furies simply by leveling her up and progressing through her Sphere Grid.

For all of Lulu‘s Furies, you will see a timer, a meter and a number when executed. Once the timer starts, you must rotate the right analog stick as fast as you can, in order to increase the bar and how many times Lulu will cast a spell. Once the time runs out, Lulu will cast the spell X number of times, depending on how much you managed to fill the bar (for example, if you reach 7 on Fire Fury, she will cast Fire 7 times).

How fast the bar fills up depends on both Lulu’s Magic stat, and the spell she is casting.

  • The higher her Magic, the faster the bar will fill up.
  • Casting stronger spells causes it to fill more slowly.

Fury also ignores status effects that normal Black Magic wouldn’t, such as Reflect and Shell, and cost no MP.

Lulu‘s Overdrive is notorious for being extremely hard to execute properly and get a high spell count. Something that can help get you quicker rotations is to hold your controller firmly on your body, and use the palm of your hand to rotate the right analog stick, rather than your thumb.

fury ffx hd

Getting a new Fury for Lulu is really straightforward. All you have to do is learn a new Black Magic spell in Lulu’s Sphere Grid, and she will automatically be able to use it as a Fury.

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