Final Fantasy X: Kimahri Celestial Weapon – Spirit Lance

Kimahri’s Celestial Weapon is the Spirit Lance. Obtaining and upgrading this weapon requires playing through the Butterfly Hunt minigame, and is considered one of the hardest weapons in the game to fully realize because of it.

Fully upgrading the Spirit Lance grants you the passive effects Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Double AP, and Evade & Counter, and will allow Ixion to break the damage limit. The weapon’s damage scales with Kimahri’s HP, dealing 100% damage at max HP.

Obtaining the Spirit Lance

After gaining the Celestial Mirror, the Spirit Lance can be found in the Thunder Plains. Once there, head to the Travel Agency and read the text on Gandof and the Qactuars. Once there, you will be able to pray to the eight Qactuar stones throughout the Thunder Plains.

There will be two stones in the South area, and six in the North area. You must look for stones that are glowing, and pray to them. The stones will rotate and glow, and you must pray to three of them. Once you’ve prayed to the third stone, a spectral Qactuar will appear.

Follow this Qactuar to an old leaning tower, then interact with it. A lightning bolt will hit the tower, and the weapon will appear.

A glowing Qactuar stone

Saturn Crest and Sigil Locations

The Saturn Crest can be found at Mt. Gagazet, near the area where you fought Seymour Flux. Just past where the fight was, there’s a path that is lined with pillars. The Crest is hidden on the left side of this path, between two of the pillars.

To get the Saturn Sigil, you must go to Macalania Woods after getting the airship, and complete the Butterfly Hunt minigame. In the minigame, you must catch seven blue butterflies before the timer runs out, while avoiding the red ones. Touching a red butterfly will trigger a battle, and will likely prevent you from beating it in time. There are Butterfly Hunts in the Central and North areas in the Macalania Woods, and you must complete both for the Sigil.

When attempting this minigame, it is highly recommended that you equip a weapon with the ‘No Encounters’ passive effect. If you fail the hunt, you must leave and re-enter the area to try again. The camera angles of the game make these hunts very difficult, as it can be hard to see where exactly the blue and red butterflies are. However they are in the same spot every time, so you can use the minimap to help track your path, and with some trial and error, you’ll be able to know exactly where to run to catch the blue butterflies. It’s very important that once you beat a hunt, you don’t leave the area before the treasure appears. Otherwise, you’ll have to do the hunt again.

butterfly game 3
A map of the path to take from the FFX Ultimania

Once you have both the Crest and Sigil, take them back to the altar in Macalania Woods to fully upgrade your Spirit Lance.

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