Final Fantasy X: Wakka Celestial Weapon – World Champion

Wakka’s Celestial Weapon is the World Champion. Obtaining and upgrading his weapon will require you to heavily play the Blitzball minigame, and probably takes the longest amount of time to get everything compared to the other weapons.

Fully upgrading the World Champion will grant it the passive effects Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Double AP, and Evade & Counter, and will also allow Ifrit to break the damage limit. Damage from Wakka’s weapon scales off of his HP, dealing 100% damage when he’s at max HP.

After getting the Celestial Mirror, go to any save point and play a Blitzball tournament and end it by placing at least in 3rd place. After the tournament, go to the Luca café and speak to the bartender. She will ask to see the Celestial Mirror, then give you the weapon.

ffx hd 01512 luca pub world champion

The Jupiter Crest is in Luca and can be gotten any time after leaving there, following the Blitzball tournament in the story. From the lobby in Luca, go to the upper right hallway, then go into the Besaid Aurochs’ locker room. The Crest will be hidden inside one of the lockers.

To get the Jupiter Sigil you must go back to the Blitzball minigame. After obtaining all of Wakka’s Overdrives through here, there is a 50% chance that it will appear as a prize in a Blitzball League. Just like with the Overdrives, you can almost guarantee the Sigil appearing as a prize if you use the Reset Data option in the Blitzball menu.

Once you have both the Crest and Sigil, take them back to the altar in Macalania Woods to fully upgrade your World Champion.

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