Final Fantasy X: Dark Ifrit

Dark Ifrit is one of the superbosses in Final Fantasy X, and one of the Dark Aeons.

Dark Ifrit can be found in Bikanel after getting the airship, and will be near the entrance to where the Al Bhed home was. You must talk to a summoner disguised as an Al Bhed woman, looking for her child. This will lead you to a fight and the battle will begin.

You will want your party to have very high Defense for this fight, as Dark Ifrit has high Strength. ‘Auto-Haste’ on your armor will also help with this fight a lot. If you are not breaking the HP limit, you will want your armor to have ‘Auto-Phoenix’ and ‘Auto-Protect’ as well. If you did break the HP limit, getting your HP up to at least 40,000 will help prevent your party members from dying.

Dark Ifrit will counter any action against him with a physical attack, including Steal. He only uses Meteor Strike on his turn. This version of the attack deals around 20,000 damage and Delays the target. However, since it is considered to be a magic attack, Shell will reduce the damage from it. He absorbs all elemental damage and is immune to all negative status effects.

He uses Hellfire when his Overdrive gauge is full, which will deal around 30,000 damage to the party and can’t be reduced. Dark Ifrit’s Overdrive gauge increases by 5% when attacked, and increases by 10% when using Meteor Strike.

ffx dark ifrit 2
Dark Ifrit using Hellfire

Having Protect and using Defense-boosting abilities like Cheer will help with Dark Ifrit’s constant counters. At the same time, Shell will cut the damage from Meteor Strike in half.

He has 1,400,000 HP, so the fight shouldn’t go for too long if your Strength is high and you have Celestial Weapons equipped. Using Quick Hit will be the fastest way to win the fight, while Anima and the Magus Sisters’ Overdrives will deal a good amount of damage as well. When he is getting ready to use Hellfire, make sure to have at least one party member with Auto-Life, or summon an Aeon to tank the damage for you.

When you defeat Dark Ifrit, you will earn 20,000 AP (30,000 on Overkill), but no gil.

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