Final Fantasy X: Rikku Celestial Weapon – Godhand

Rikku’s Celestial Weapon is the Godhand. Obtaining it requires knowing an airship password, as well as completing the cactuar sidequest.

Fully upgrading the Godhand grants the passive abilities Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Double AP, and Gillionaire. The weapon’s damage scales on Rikku’s HP, dealing 100% damage when she’s at full HP.

After gaining the Celestial Mirror, Godhand can be found in the Mushroom Rock Road, but you must unlock the location. To accomplish this, go into the airship menu and input the password ‘GODHAND,’ which will unlock a new location. Travel there, and the weapon will be in a chest on the North side of this area.

The Mercury Crest can be found in the Bikanel Desert. It is located inside a chest in a shifting sand pit at the final area.

To get the Mercury Sigil, you must complete the cactuar sidequest on Bikanel Desert after getting the airship. In the final area of the desert, there is a stone with a cactuar engraved on it. Interacting with the stone will begin the side quest. Catching all ten cactuars will give you the Sigil.

ffx hd 01924 village cactuar

When you interact with the cactuar stone, you will be given a hint for where one of ten cactuars are hidden. They all are hidden within the desert, and will only appear once you get the clue for them. Once you find it, a minigame will prompt where you must attempt to sneak up to the cactuar without it spotting you within a certain amount of time.

  • During the game, you must walk towards the cactuar while it’s facing away, and stand still while it faces you.
  • If you get caught or the timer runs out, you must try again.
    • Some of the cactuar games will have treasure you can grab. If you grab them and fail to catch the cactuar, you will keep what you got, so it’s a good idea to grab those before catching the cactuar itself.
ffx hd 01936 village cactuar
  • Once you’ve caught the cactuar, you will be put in a battle with it, but it doesn’t matter if you win or flee from the fight.
  • Once you’ve caught the cactuar (or failed three times), you will receive a sphere. Bring the sphere back to the cactuar stone, and you will get a new clue.
  • You need to get nine spheres to fully complete the minigame.
Tomay’s gone. Gone to fetch the water
At the Oasis, near the beginning.
Rovivea’s gone walkabout.
Sanubia-East, in an alcove to the West. North of the tent with the save sphere.
Little Chava likes big numbers.
Sanubia-West, second sign to the left from the cactuar rock that says “20% off.”
Alek and Aloja
Alek and Aloja play tag in the ruins of men.
Sanubia-Central, near the ruins to the Northwest. You will see two cactuars running around.
Vachella seeks the shining blue.
Sanubia-East, use the save sphere under the tent.
O, Robeya’s stuck inside.
Sanubia-Central, inside a treasure chest on the West side.
A fiery inscription- the lord of the hole is gone. Isrra thinks.
Sanubia-West, in a sand pit. You will have to leave and reenter the area.
Much-curious Elio has left on a journey.
Go to the Oasis, then return to the airship and go to the deck.
Flaile is always behind.
Sanubia-West, appears automatically at the cactuar stone.

Once you’ve completed the minigame, the sandstorm blocking the Cactuar Village will disappear. Inside the village, you will find the Sigil.

Once you have both the Crest and Sigil, take them back to the altar in Macalania Woods to fully upgrade your Godhand.

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