Final Fantasy X: Wakka Overdrive – Slots

Wakka’s Overdrive is Slots. The type of attack Slots does depends on which type is chosen, and how well it is executed, but it will always do damage to one or more targets. You can learn all of them through the Blitzball minigame.

When using Slots, you will see three spinning slots with various symbols on them, and a timer. When you press playstation x button, one slot will stop, starting from the leftmost one and moving right. The more symbols that line up by the end, the better the effect, and the symbol chosen will decide which effect happens. The Overdrive also becomes more powerful with more time left on the timer.

Once you unlock the ability to play Blitzball at Save Points, you can learn every Slot at just about any point in the game by meeting certain conditions in the minigame.


When using Element Reels, the slots have four symbols, each representing an element (Fire, Ice, Lightning and Water). If three of the same symbol is lined up, Wakka will use an attack of its element on all enemies. If two match, he will attack a random enemy with the corresponding element. If nothing lines up, he will just attack a random enemy, but the attack is stronger than a normal one.

Element Reels is Wakka’s default Slots.

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When using Attack Reels, the slots have three symbols saying 1 Hit, 2 Hit and Miss. The Overdrive will hit random enemies a number of times, depending on where all the slots land. All of the numbers get added up to determine the amount of hits, so for example, if you get 1 Hit, 2 Hit and 2 Hit, Wakka will do five attacks on random enemies. If all three numbers are the same, the amount of attacks doubles, meaning he can attack up to 12 times with this Overdrive. This makes Attack Reels potentially the strongest attack in the game, second only to Anima’s Oblivion.

You can learn Attack Reels by winning a Blitzball tournament where it’s the first prize.

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When using Status Reels, the slots have three different symbols that each represent various negative status effects. The skull symbol inflicts Poison, Sleep, Silence and Darkness. The down symbol inflicts Full Break. The timer symbol either inflicts Petrification, or Delays the enemy’s turn and inflicts Slow if they can’t be Petrified. If all three slots are lined up, Wakka will use an attack with the symbol’s effect on all enemies. If two slots match, he will use the attack on a random enemy. If no slots match, he will just do a stronger than normal attack on a random enemy.

Status Reels can be won in a Blitzball League after being in 250 battles (outside of Monster Arena) and unlocking Attack Reels.

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The Auroch Reels have a random combination of symbols from the Element and Status Reels, as well as a Besaid Aurochs symbol. If three Besaid Aurochs symbols are lined up, Wakka will use a huge attack on all enemies. All of the other symbols follow the same effects as their respective Reels.

Aurochs Reels can be won in a Blitzball Tournament after being in 450 battles (outside of Monster Arena) and unlocking Status Reels.

It’s important to know that the Reels you are trying to learn are not guaranteed to appear as a prize once the conditions are met. The best way to get it to appear is to use the Reset Data option in the Blitzball menu, and it will almost always show up as the prize.

Learning all of Wakka’s Slots will earn you the achievement ‘Blitzball Master.’

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