Final Fantasy X: Tidus Overdrive – Swordplay

Tidus‘s Overdrives in Final Fantasy X are called Swordplay. All of his Swordplays do damage to either a single target or all targets, and you can get them at any point in the game, though it will take some time.

All of Tidus‘s Swordplay attacks have the same mechanic to use. When executed, you will see a timer and a meter, with a small gold section in the middle of the meter and a marker going back and forth. Your goal is to hit playstation x button when the marker is in the middle of the meter, and to do it before the timer runs out.

ffx hd 00029 zanarkand sinspawn ammes spiral cut

Getting all of Tidus‘s Swordplays is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is use his current Swordplays a certain amount of times, and he will automatically learn a new one.

How to Obtain
Spiral Cut
Damages one enemy.
Default Swordplay
Slice and Dice
Does six attacks to random enemies.
Execute 10 Overdrives
Energy Rain
Damages all enemies
Execute 30 Overdrives
Blitz Ace
Deals nine attacks to a single enemy
Execute 80 Overdrives
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