Final Fantasy X: Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

The Cavern of the Stolen Fayth is an optional dungeon, which you can explore at any time after you reach the Calm Lands in the story. The main draw of this dungeon is the opportunity to recruit the Aeon Yojimbo.

In order to get to the Cavern, head to the northern area of the Calm Lands (the one that leads to Mt. Gagazet), and walk down the slope. This will lead you to a new area, and the Cavern entrance will be on the left side.

  • One enemy to keep an eye out for inside this dungeon is the Magic Urn.
    • This enemy gives you a chance to receive an item from it, but only if you attack the correct eye. If you pick the wrong eye, it will self-destruct, damaging the party.
    • There is no way to tell which eye is the one that gives you an item. Furthermore, none of the possible item drops are worth taking this chance on. So, it’s it’s better to just run from the Magic Urn.

Go through the path in the Cavern — on the first break to the right you will find a chest containing a Megalixir. Further down the path you will run into a split. Head to the right to find a chest with a Lv. 2 Key Sphere.

Continue through the main path. On the next split, continue forward to find another chest with a Fortune Sphere. At the next split, go left to find the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXV on the floor.

final fantasy x al bhed primer 25

Then, go forward to find a chest containing 2 Mega-Potions. Continue until you reach the end of the path, and you will be put into a boss fight.

Yojimbo’s attacks depend on how full his Overdrive gauge is. He’ll start by only attacking with Daigoro. Once his Overdrive reaches 25%, he will add Kozuka (a physical attack on one party member) as a possible attack. At 50%, he will also be able to use Wakizashi (a stronger physical attack). Once his Overdrive gauge is full, he will use Zanmato, dealing 9999 damage to the entire party.

The fight is fairly straightforward. Just hit him with your strongest attackers, and you could defeat him before Zanmato can even go off. Alternatively, you can cast Doom on him (through Kimahri’s Overdrive, or by using a Candle of Life), and he will die automatically in five turns.

final fantasy x yojimbo boss

After the battle, stand on the platform and have it take you to the Chamber of the Fayth (by having the arrow on it face forward and pressing playstation x button).

Here you will be able to recruit Yojimbo as your own Aeon. It will cost a lot of money to hire him. While it is possible to negotiate a lower price, it will still end up being expensive. For details on how to negotiate for the lowest price, you can check out our dedicated Yojimbo guide.

final fantasy x cavern platform

Once you’re done, you will be taken back to the previous room. Take the platform again and head to the left room, where you will find a Flexible Arm for Rikku.

Go back to the previous room. Now, go to the room on the right using the platform. Here you will find two chests containing an MP Sphere and 2 X-Potions. You will then be free to exit the Cavern.

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