final fantasy x purple item


Game: Final Fantasy X/X-2

Restores 9999 HP and 999 MP to all party members.

Type of item: Restorative
Other uses: Can be used as an ingredient for Mix Overdrives, can be used to grant weapons the ‘Double AP’ passive (requires 20), and can teach an Aeon Full-Life (requires 1)

How to Obtain:

Can be created as a Mix combination, and can be found in various chests.

Stolen from: Penance
Bribed from: Varuna (1,400,000 gil for 20), and Xiphos (67,500 gil for 1)
Prize from: Blitzball, Butterfly Catcher minigame, Remiem Temple Chocobo Race, Thunder Plains (dodge 150 consecutive lightning bolts), Cactuar side quest, Monster Arena (unlock Shinryu)

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