Final Fantasy X: Ultima Weapon

Ultima Weapon is one of the superbosses in Final Fantasy X. This is the easiest one to tackle, so it’s a good idea to start with this boss.

Ultima Weapon can be found in the Omega Ruins once you have access to the airship. To find it, search for the coordinates ‘x72, y35’ on the airship and fly to the location that’s unlocked. Around half way through the dungeon, you will find Ultima Weapon.

As Ultima Weapon is by far the easiest of the superbosses, you will not have to do a lot of grinding to get your party ready for this fight. It is capable of inflicting Confuse, Sleep, Silence or Stone, so you will want to have your armor set with at least Stoneproof to avoid teammates getting shattered.

The boss will begin the fight with a regular attack, which will deal around 2500 damage, and has a chance to inflict Stone (if you don’t have Stoneproof or Ribbon). On its second turn, it will cast either Confuse, Silence or Break. The next attack will be Core Energy, which will hit one character for anywhere between 3000 and 9999 damage. On the fourth turn, it will cast either Confuse, Sleep or Holy, then it will do another regular attack, and then finally Shimmering Rain, which will deal around 2500 damage to the party.

ffx ultima weapon core energy

At only 99,999 HP, Ultima Weapon is not a very long fight. If you’re consistent in damaging it, you should be able to take it out quickly. Shell will help reduce the damage of Core Energy and Holy, while you can Reflect all of its negative status effect spells and Holy. The boss is vulnerable to Silence and Doom, and Quick Hit and Doublecast Flare are great options for damage.

Alternately, Ultima Weapon is one of the few bosses in the game that you can Bribe. For around 1,999,980 gil, you can get rid of it, and you will gain 99 Pendulums.

When you defeat Ultima Weapon, you will earn 40,000 AP (50,000 on Overkill), and 20,000 gil.

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