Final Fantasy X: Baaj Temple

The Baaj Temple is the ruins that Tidus ends up in after being taken from Zanarkand in the beginning of the game. You can come back to this area after gaining access to the airship, where you can now get the Onion Knight and Anima.

To unlock this location in the airship, search for the coordinates x14, y57. Then, fly to the ‘Baaj Temple’ location.

Once you arrive, head forward until your party jumps in the water. Make sure you have armor with ‘Stone Ward’ or ‘Stoneproof’ on Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku before continuing, and equip any weapons that deal elemental damage (the specific element doesn’t matter). When you’re ready, swim forward towards the temple entrance, and you will be put into a boss fight.

Geosgaeno will mainly attack with Stone Punch, which will hit one of the party members and will have a chance to Petrify them. Since you’re underwater, if a party member is inflicted with it they will instantly shatter, removing them from the battle. Once it is under 50% HP, it will begin using KO Punch as well. This attack will inflict Curse on a party member, and has a chance to instantly kill them.

After three attacks, Geosgaeno will inhale a party member, disabling them. This will also transfer most of the positive and negative status effects to it (for example, if it inhales Tidus while he has Protect, Haste, and Darkness, these effects will all transfer to Geosgaeno). While inhaled, the character can either use the Trigger Command ‘Struggle’ or Defend.

The boss has three versions of Regurgitate — an attack it uses that frees the party member:

  • If the character uses Struggle, the boss will use the attack immediately, and will damage the inhaled character for all of their HP, killing them.
  • If the character does not use Struggle by Geosgaeno’s next turn, Geosgaeno will then use the attack on its turn. This time it will leave the inhaled character with 1 HP, and deal the same amount of damage to the rest of the party.
    • For example, if Tidus has 1500 HP when Regurgitated, he will be brought down to 1 HP, and Wakka and Rikku will be damaged for 1499 HP.
  • If the boss is killed while a character is still inhaled, it will use the move before dying, and deal 9999 damage to the entire party.

As long as your party has resistance to Petrify, the fight is straightforward. Since the boss is weak to all elements, you can take it down quickly by attacking with weapons that have an element attached to it, and using Use items that deal elemental damage with Rikku.

Just be mindful of any possible status effects it will gain when inhaling a party member, and make sure no one is inhaled when you finish the boss off (or have Auto-Life on someone to avoid a game over).

final fantasy x geosgaeno 2

After the battle, swim to the center of the area, dive down, then swim south to find a chest with the Onion Knight (you will need to have the Celestial Mirror to obtain it, however). Swim north after that to enter the Temple.

final fantasy x onion knight

In the southwest corner of the room, you will find a chest containing a Megalixir. Meanwhile, in the southeast corner you will find another chest with 4 Mega Phoenixes.

Inside the Antichamber you will see six statues, as well as a seal at the end of the room. Each statue represents one of the Cloisters of Trials you went through during the story — they can be activated by collecting the Destruction Sphere treasure in the respective Cloister. If you collected the Destruction Sphere treasure, the statue will light up when you approach it.

final fantasy x baaj temple inside

When you activate all of the statues, the seal will break: you will then be able to go inside the next room to recruit Anima. If you need help getting treasures you’re missing, you can check out our dedicated Anima guide for instructions and tips on how to get each one.

When you’re ready to leave, head back to the water and press playstation square button to return to the bridge from where you arrived. Then, use the Save Sphere to return to the airship.

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