Final Fantasy X: Dark Bahamut

Dark Bahamut is one of the superbosses in Final Fantasy X, and is one of the Dark Aeons.

Dark Bahamut can be found in the Zanarkand Dome where you fought Yunalesca after getting the airship. If you did not grab the Sun Crest after defeating Yunalesca, you will have to defeat Dark Bahamut in order to get Tidus’s Celestial Weapon.

For this fight, you will want your Sphere Grid either completely filled, or at least very close. You are also going to want your armor fully set up with passives to keep up your important buffs and keep your party alive, and you will want everyone to have their Celestial Weapons.

Dark Bahamut has very high stats and is one of the hardest Dark Aeons to fight. After getting attacked five times (not including counterattacks), he will counter with Impulse. This version of the attack will inflict Slow, Stone, and Full Break on the party, as well as delay them. It should be noted that this version of Slow will bypass ‘Slowproof’ and ‘Ribbon,’ but not ‘Auto-Haste.’

His Overdrive is Megaflare. It will deal around 40,000 damage to the party and Delay them. On top of that, it will Dispel your party of all buffs except for Auto-Life. Dark Bahamut’s Overdrive gauge will increase by 10% when using his physical attack, and by 10% when being attacked.

ffx dark bahamut 2
Dark Bahamut using Megaflare

Quick Hit, as well as Attack Reels and Blitz Ace Overdrives will be the best way to damage Dark Bahamut. Counter-attacks from Tidus, Wakka, Kimahri, and Auron‘s Celestial Weapons will give you attacks that will not increase the counter towards Impulse. After getting hit by Impulse, you will need to Dispel your party members to survive his physical attacks.

If you broke the HP limit, having over 50,000 HP will allow you to survive all of Dark Bahamut’s attacks (while Full Break isn’t active). If you did not break the HP limit, you will need at least one party member to have Auto-Life to survive Megaflare, or summon an Aeon to take the damage for you. With Dark Bahamut having 4,000,000 HP, this fight will take much longer than the ones with the weaker Dark Aeons.

When you defeat Dark Bahamut, you will earn 30,000 AP (40,000 on Overkill), but no gil. You will also gain access to the Sun Crest if you have not gotten it before.

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