Final Fantasy X: Dark Anima

Dark Anima is one of the superbosses in Final Fantasy X, as well as one of the Dark Aeons.

Dark Anima can be found at the bottom of Mt. Gagazet after getting the airship, but you must go into the Mt. Gagazet cave first. Complete Wakka‘s Blitzball trial again when you are there, and this will summon Dark Anima at the bottom of the mountain.

For this fight, you will want your Sphere Grid completely filled, or at least close to being finished. You are also going to want your armor fully set up with passives to keep up your important buffs and keep your party alive. It’s a good idea for everyone to have their Celestial Weapons, too. You will want at least one piece of armor with the ‘Ribbon’ passive, as Dark Anima can cast Doom on the whole party. Definitely bring a good supply of Holy Waters for your characters without ‘Ribbon.’

Dark Anima has access to a few different attacks, all of which inflict different negative status effects.

  • Her physical attack will apply Stone, Petrify, Zombie, and Poison to a target.
  • Pain will instantly kill one character, bypassing even ‘Deathproof’ and ‘Ribbon‘.
  • Giga-Graviton hits the entire party for 7/16ths of their maximum HP. It also inflicts Doom, Slow, Silence, Darkness, and Sleep.

Her Overdrive is Oblivion. It deals sixteen hits to the party, with each one dealing around 5000 damage and damaging MP. It will also Delay the party and Dispel most buffs besides Auto-Life.

Her Overdrive gauge increases by 5% when being attacked, and by 10% when attacking.

ffx dark anima 2
Dark Anima using Oblivion

At 8,000,000 HP, Dark Anima is the longest fight of the Dark Aeons. The best way to deal damage to her is with Quick Hit. You will want to use a Holy Water on any character that got hit by a physical attack, and Esuna on every character without Ribbon when Giga-Graviton is used. If you don’t have Auto-Phoenix, keeping up Auto-Life on everyone will help against Dark Anima’s Pain. You will be able to survive Giga-Graviton if you keep your HP above half.

If you break the HP limit, you can survive Oblivion with near or at 99,999 HP. Otherwise, you will either need Auto-Life to survive the attack, or to summon an Aeon to take the damage. If your party takes the attack, you will need a way to restore your MP, since everyone’s will be at 0 by the end of that attack. The easiest way to do this is with a Megalixir, but Ethers and Elixirs will work too. An alternative to this would be to use Rikku‘s Freedom or Freedom X Mix, as it will allow the party to use spells and abilities with 0 MP cost.

When you defeat Dark Anima, you will earn 30,000 AP (40,000 on Overkill), but no gil.

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