Final Fantasy X: Monster Arena

The Monster Arena is a section in the Calm Lands. In it, you can begin a side quest where you capture fiends, and you can fight them as much as you want once captured. The side quest is long, as it involves every area in Spira, but there are many rewards you can get from it. It is also the key to quickly farming AP and Spheres, as well as getting parts of Yuna and Auron‘s Celestial Weapons.

You begin the quest by talking to the owner of the Monster Arena. He wishes to reopen the arena and tasks you with capturing fiends from every part of the world. To accomplish this, you must first buy weapons that have the ‘Capture’ ability, which can only be bought by the owner. When you go hunting for a fiend, you must kill it with the weapon equipped, while using either a physical attack or skill on it (killing it with magic or Overdrives will not count).

You can capture up to 10 of each fiend, and fiends that can be seen in multiple areas will only count towards one place (usually the first place they appear). Note that machina and human enemies cannot be captured, so there is no need to worry about them for this quest.

Once you capture a fiend, you will be able to fight it by talking to the owner. As you meet certain thresholds in the quest, you will unlock completely unique monsters. Most of the thresholds involve capturing every monster in an area, or a certain number of each fiend within a species. These unique monsters are much tougher than the normal monsters you encounter, and can only be fought here. There is even a superboss you can unlock through this quest.

Each of the 13 sections of Spira has its own monster directory. The directories initially do not show the monster names. They will only show how many monsters you need, and the missing monsters will have ‘?’s instead of their name until you capture one.

You will also be able to see how many of each monster you have captured next to their name. Something to keep in mind: you can only see these directories in the Monster Arena, so there’s no other way to see which monsters you’re missing and how many of each fiend you’ve captured.

ffx hd 02010 monster arena select bikanel
The monster directory for Bikanel

The following is a list of the fiends present in each area:

  • Dingo
  • Condor
  • Water Flan
  • Dinonix
  • Killer Bee
  • Yellow Element
  • Ragora
  • Mi’ihen Fang
  • Ipiria
  • Floating Eye
  • White Element
  • Raldo
  • Vouivre
  • Bomb
  • Dual Horn
  • Raptor
  • Gandarewa
  • Thunder Flan
  • Red Element
  • Lamashtu
  • Funguar
  • Garuda

Includes both Djose Highroad and Moonflow.

  • Garm
  • Simurgh
  • Bite Bug
  • Snow Flan
  • Bunyip
  • Basilisk
  • Ochu
  • Melusine
  • Aerouge
  • Buer
  • Gold Element
  • Kusariqqu
  • Larva
  • Iron Giant
  • Qactuar

Includes both Macalania Woods and Lake Macalania.

  • Snow Wolf
  • Iguion
  • Wasp
  • Evil Eye
  • Ice Flan
  • Blue Element
  • Murussu
  • Mafdet
  • Xiphos
  • Chimera
  • Sand Wolf
  • Alcyone
  • Mushussu
  • Zu
  • Sand Worm
  • Cactuar
  • Skoll
  • Nebiros
  • Flame Flan
  • Shred
  • Anacondaur
  • Ogre
  • Coeurl
  • Chimera Brain
  • Malboro
  • Yowie
  • Imp
  • Dark Element
  • Nidhogg
  • Thorn
  • Valaha
  • Epaaj
  • Ghost
  • Tonberry

Includes the Mountain Path, Mountain Cave and the trail leading to the Zanarkand Ruins.

  • Bandersnatch
  • Ahriman
  • Dark Flan
  • Grenade
  • Grat
  • Grendel
  • Bashura
  • Mandragora
  • Behemoth
  • Splasher
  • Achelous
  • Maelspike
  • Exoray
  • Wraith
  • Gemini (Sword)
  • Gemini (Club)
  • Demonolith
  • Great Malboro
  • Barbatos
  • Adamantoise
  • Behemoth King
  • Zaurus
  • Floating Death
  • Black Element
  • Halma
  • Puroboros
  • Spirit
  • Machea
  • Master Coeurl
  • Master Tonberry
  • Varuna

As you meet certain thresholds while capturing monsters, you will unlock special monsters that are stronger than the normal fiends. These monsters fall into three categories: Area Conquest, Species Conquest, and Original. Each time you unlock a new monster, the Monster Arena owner will give you a reward once you talk to him.

Unlock Condition
Capture at least one of every fiend in Besaid.
Stamina Tonic x99
Malboro Menace
Capture at least one of every fiend in Kilika.
Poison Fang x99
Capture at least one of every fiend in Mi’ihen Highroad.
Soul Spring x99
Capture at least one of every fiend in the Mushroom Rock Road.
Candle of Life x99
Capture at least one of every fiend in the Djose Highroad.
Petrify Grenade x99
Cactuar King
Capture at least one of every fiend in the Thunder Plains.
Chocobo Wing x99
Capture at least one of every fiend in Macalania.
Shining Gem x60
Abyss Worm
Capture at least one of every fiend in Bikanel.
Shadow Gem x99
Capture at least one of every fiend in the Calm Lands.
Farplane Wind x60
Don Tonberry
Capture at least one of every fiend in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.
Silver Hourglass x40
Capture at least one of every fiend in Mt. Gagazet.
Blossom Crown
Capture at least one of every fiend from Inside Sin.
Lunar Curtain x99
Capture at least one of every fiend in the Omega Ruins
Designer Wallet x60
Unlock Condition
Capture three of each of the Wolf type fiends.
Chocobo Feather x99
Capture three of each of the Reptile type fiends.
Stamina Spring x99
Capture five of each of the Bird type fiends.
Mega Phoenix x99
Capture four of each of the Wasp type fiends.
Mana Tonic x60
Capture four of each of the Imp type fiends.
Mana Spring x99
Capture four of each of the Eye type fiends.
Stamina Tablet x60
Jumbo Flan
Capture three of each of the Flan type fiends.
Twin Stars x60
Nega Elemental
Capture three of each of the Element type fiends.
Star Curtain x99
Capture three of each of the Helm type fiends.
Gold Hourglass x99
Capture four of each of the Drak type fiends.
Purifying Salt x99
Sleep Sprout
Capture five of each of the Fungus type fiends.
Healing Spring x99
Bomb King
Capture five of each of the Bomb type fiends.
Turbo Ether x60
Capture five of each of the Ruminant type fiends.
Light Curtain x99
Capture ten of each of the Iron Giant type fiends.
Mana Tablet x60
Unlock Condition
Earth Eater
Unlock two Area Conquest fiends.
Three Stars x60
Greater Sphere
Unlock two Species Conquest fiends.
Supreme Gem x60
Unlock six Area Conquest fiends.
Door to Tomorrow x99
Unlock six Species Conquest fiends.
Gambler’s Spirit x99
Capture one of every fiend in Spira
Winning Formula x99
Ultima Buster
Capture five of every fiend in Spira
Dark Matter x99. Also allows the purchase of Clear Spheres.
Capture two of every underwater fiend in the Mt. Gagazet cavern.
Megalixir x30
Capture 10 of every fiend in Spira, and defeat all other Original, Area Conquest, and Species Conquest monsters.
Master Sphere x10

There are three special rewards you can get for certain thresholds:

  • When you capture one of each fiend in the Calm Lands, you will receive the Nirvana (after getting the Celestial Mirror).
  • Capturing one of each fiend in Mt. Gagazet will earn you the Blossom Crown.
  • You will get the Mars Sigil by unlocking any combination of ten Area Conquest or Species Conquest monsters.
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