Final Fantasy X: Aeons

Aeons are the summons in Final Fantasy X. Yuna can call them into battle to aid the party in battle.

As you progress through the game, you will obtain a new Aeon when you go through a Cloister of Trials. These are puzzle areas within the game’s temples where the Aeons reside. Once you clear the Cloister, you will gain a new Aeon.

You will gain almost every Aeon in the game from going through the story. The only exceptions are Yojimbo, Anima and the Magus Sisters, which all need to be obtained in different ways.

Yuna has access to the unique ability in battle: Summon. When used, she can pick from a list of Aeons that have been recruited, and have them temporarily replace the party — you will be able to control them.

Most Aeons play like a normal character (with the exceptions being Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters). They have access to Attack, a unique ability, spells/abilities, and an Overdrive bar to use their ultimate attack.

Aeons also have access to two unique sub-commands; Boost and Shield. Boost will increase the damage it receives by 50% until its next turn, but also increases the rate its Overdrive gauge fills by the same amount. Shield on the other hand reduces damage taken by 75% until the next turn, but negates any Overdrive increase.

Aeons will stay in battle until either they are dismissed, or they are defeated.

Aeons do not have Sphere Grids to improve their stats. There are three ways for them do so, and they are a bit different. The first two happen naturally, as their stats increase with the number of battles the party does, and increase as Yuna‘s own stats increase.

To unlock the third way, you can fight Belgemine the third time you see her in the Calm Lands, and you will get the Aeon’s Soul item. Alternatively, you can fight her in the Remiem Temple and defeat her Ifrit. This allows you to increase an Aeon’s stats in a way that works much like equipment customization.

ffx aeon abilities

You can give it a certain amount of Spheres to increase one of its stats. You use the same Spheres as you would to increase a stat in the Sphere Grid (for example, give the Aeon Power Spheres to increase its Strength), and the number needed increases based on how high the stat currently is. This is a very inefficient way to raise them however, as you only get 1 of the stat each time you raise it (or 100 HP/10 MP), and most of the stats besides HP/MP will max out naturally with the other methods.

You can also teach Aeons almost every ability that your characters can learn in the Sphere Grid (with the exceptions of Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters). To unlock this, you must get the Summoner’s Soul either from fighting Belgemine the second time in the Thunder Plains, or defeating her Valefor in the Remiem Temple.

To teach an Aeon a new ability, you must give them a certain amount of an item, and they will be able to use it in battle.

ffx aeon stats

Here is the full list of these items:

Required Item
5x Speed Sphere
Armor Break
2x Lv. 2 Key Sphere
8x Poison Fang
4x Ice Gem
2x Arctic Wind
Antarctic Wind
5x Power Sphere
99x Hi-Potion
30x X-Potion
60x Mega-Potion
Dark Attack
6x Smoke Bomb
Dark Buster
12x Smoke Bomb
30x Farplane Shadow
Delay Attack
20x Silver Hourglass
Delay Buster
30x Gold Hourglass
8x Shadow Gem
3x Purifying Salt
5x Three Stars
60x Stamina Spring
Extract Power
20x Power Sphere
Extract Mana
20x Mana Sphere
Extract Speed
20x Speed Sphere
Extract Ability
20x Ability Sphere
2x Bomb Core
4x Fire Gem
Bomb Fragment
60x Shining Gem
10x Mana Sphere
Full Break
2x Dark Matter
10x Chocobo Feather
16x Chocobo Wing
60x Blessed Gem
2x Fortune Sphere
20x Soul Spring
8x Elixir
2x Fortune Sphere
Magic Break
4x Mana Spring
Mental Break
4x Shining Thorn
2x Bomb Fragment
2x Antarctic Wind
2x Electro Marble
2x Fish Scale
10x Mana Spring
Power Break
8x Stamina Spring
5x Healing Water
6x Light Curtain
3x Star Curtain
10x Speed Sphere
50x Healing Spring
10x Ability Sphere
4x Lunar Curtain
Silence Attack
3x Silence Grenade
Silence Buster
10x Silence Grenade
Sleep Attack
3x Sleeping Powder
Sleep Buster
10x Sleeping Powder
4x Silver Hourglass
8x Gold Hourglass
4x Lightning Gem
2x Lightning Marble
Electro Marble
Triple Foul
4x Skill Sphere
99x Supreme Gem
Fish Scale
2x Dragon Scale
4x Water Gem
Zombie Attack
99x Holy Water

Below you will find a short summary of each Aeon, where and how to get them, and their unique abilities or mechanics:


Valefor is the first Aeon you get, and Yuna automatically learns it when she first joins your party. She has high Evasion and Agility, and her unique attack Sonic Wings will Delay the enemy. Since Valefor is airborne, some enemies will have altered attack patterns, or even not be able to reach her.

Valefor is unique in that she is the only Aeon in the game with two Overdrives. She starts off with Energy Ray, but she can also learn the more powerful Energy Blast in Besaid Village by speaking to a girl and her dog. Both deal non elemental damage to all enemies. Yuna’s Celestial Weapon will allow her to break the damage limit.

ifrit ffx

Ifrit is recruited once you complete the Cloister of Trials in the Kilika Temple. He has high Defense, and will absorb Fire elemental attacks. His unique attack Meteor Strike is a non elemental attack that ignores Protect. Ifrit’s Overdrive is Hellfire, dealing Fire damage to all enemies. Wakka’s Celestial Weapon will allow him to break the damage limit.

ixion face

Ixion is recruited after you complete the Cloister of Trials in the Djose Temple. He has high Magic and Magic Defense, and will absorb Lightning elemental attacks. His unique attack Aerospark deals non elemental damage and Dispels the enemy. Ixion’s Overdrive is Thor’s Hammer, dealing Lightning damage to all enemies. Kimahri’s Celestial Weapon will allow him to break the damage limit.

10 shiva artwork

Shiva is recruited by completing the Cloister of Trails in the Macalania Temple. She has high Evasion and Agility, and will absorb Ice elemental attacks. Her unique attack Heavenly Strike deals non elemental damage and inflicts Threaten (the in game description inaccurately say it Delays). Shiva’s Overdrive is Diamond Dust, dealing Ice damage to all enemies. Lulu’s Celestial Weapon allows her to break the damage limit.

ffx bahamut

Bahamut is the final Aeon you get in the story, and will be recruited after completing the Cloister of Trials in the Bevelle Temple. He is the strongest of the story Aeons overall, and his unique attack Impulse deals non elemental damage to all enemies. Bahamut’s Overdrive is Mega Flare, dealing non elemental damage to all enemies. He can break the damage limit natively.

ffx yojimbo

Yojimbo is one of the optional Aeons you can get in the game. You can find him in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, and will require a lot of money to recruit. He has unique gameplay compared to the other Aeons, as you can’t directly choose what attacks he uses. Instead, you use the Pay command and give Yojimbo a chosen amount of gil. Once given the money, Yojimbo will use one of four attacks; Daigoro, Kozuka, Wakizashi, or Zanmato. Daigoro and Kozuka are single target attacks, Wakizashi can attack all targets, and Zanmato instantly defeats all enemies, including bosses and even superbosses.

Yojimbo is also the only Aeon that does not have an Overdrive. Instead, having a full Overdrive gauge gives him a better chance to use a better attack like Zanmato. While there is no way to guarantee which attack he will use, you can increase the chances of a better attack by paying him large amounts of gil, not letting him die in battle or dismissing him immediately, and by having a full Overdrive gauge.

Auron’s Celestial Weapon will allow Yojimbo to break the damage limit.

ffx anima

Anima is one of the optional Aeons you can get in the game. You can find her in a hidden temple in Baaj, but you will need to have gotten the hidden treasures in all of the Cloister of Trials to recruit her. She is the second strongest Aeon in the game, and her unique attack Pain deals non elemental damage with a chance of instantly killing the enemy. Anima’s Overdrive is Oblivion, which deals 16 non elemental hits to all targets, making it the attack with the highest damage potential in the game. She can break the damage limit natively.

magussisters ff10

The Magus Sisters are one of the optional Aeons you can get in the game, and can be found in the Remiem Temple after you’ve gotten every other Aeon, including Yojimbo and Anima, and completed some of the Monster Arena side quest. They are the strongest Aeon in the game, and have a few unique properties.

For one, summoning the Magus Sisters calls three Aeons, Cindy, Sandy and Mandy, as opposed to the usual one, each having a role in the party. Cindy specializes in White Magic, Mindy in Black Magic and defensive abilities, and Sandy in physical attacks and supportive White Magic. In battle, you cannot directly control the sisters, rather you give them suggestions on what to do (for example ‘Help each other!’), which they can then choose to follow the suggestion, do a different type of attack, or just take a break and do nothing.

The sisters also have access to unique abilities. Cindy and Sandy have the abilities Camisade and Razzia respectively, which deal physical damage to a single target. Mandy has access to Passado, which deals 15 physical attacks to a single target.

Each of the sisters have their own Overdrive gauge as well, and all three need to have a full gauge to use their Overdrive. Their Overdrive is Delta Attack (which is accessed by giving them the suggestion ‘Combine powers!’), and deals six non elemental attacks to all enemies. They can break the damage limit natively.

Obtaining every Aeon grants the achievement ‘Summon Master.’

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